Electronics rose 24% in the second half of the year How to capture the long-lost tech wind-

Electronics rose 24% in the second half of the year How to capture the long-lost “technology wind”?

Source: The second half of wealth management, the Shanghai stock index jumped up and down, almost never rising or falling.

  However, the electronics industry has not followed the usual path, rising by nearly 23.

61%, ranking first in the Shenwan industry.

  Computer and media also rose 8.

64%, 2.


  (Data source: WIND as of 2019-11-04) Sure enough, the technology industry is indeed the blast of this year.

  Too many readers are paying attention to this investment hot spot and asking if the old lady can still get on the car.

  Lao Niang Yan personally believes that the technology fund may fluctuate in the short term, but it can still be deployed.

  So, what exactly is the advantage of a science and technology theme fund?

  1.Estimated cheap.

  It is estimated that it can be used as a reference for investment funds. Old mother-in-law often gives everyone science popularizations, and can be laid out when the evaluation is normal or low, wait for overvaluation and then sell it.

  Shenwan Electronic PE, Shenwan Computer, PE, Shenwan Communications PE (data source: WIND as of 2019-11-04), the current electronics (computer, communications, and three industries) PE (TTM) is 38.

31 times, 56.

54 times, 36.

72 times, from the historical forecast trend graph, it is not difficult to find that the current estimates are at a low level.

  Simply put, you can buy and buy!

Because buying technology themes is cheap and cost-effective!

  2. Have policy support.

  In recent years, policies have underpinned the strength of science and technology.

  The listing of the science and technology board also means that science and technology have attracted the attention of the country and become the foundation of a strong country.

  From “Outline of National Innovation-Driven Development Strategy” to “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” National Science and Technology Innovation Plan, etc., have promoted the frequent achievements of domestic innovative companies, especially in 5G communications, supercomputers and other technology areas, far ahead, and domestic companiesEntered the field of chips, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other fields.

  At present, the whole market’s “technology theme” funds are dazzling. You can filter out a bunch of products based on the keywords “technology”, “electronics”, “communications”, “information”, “innovation”, and “Internet”.

  So the question is, how do you pick a good base with so many technological bases?

  In fact, science and technology theme can be divided into two categories, one is actively managed funds, and the other is passive funds, the old lady will talk to you below.

  First, active management technology funds are selected by fund managers to obtain excess returns.

  I screened from these two conditions: 1. Established before July 2015, has a long operating history, and has passed the test of the bull and bear market; 2. Terminated at the end of the third quarter, the size of the fund is more than 2 times, to avoid the small sizeLiquidation.

  In total, you can find the following 31 actively managed technology funds-(Data source: WIND terminated 2019-11-04) These funds have no investment limits, so the entire market can buy stocks, so you need to pay attention to the fundsQuarterly report, semi-annual report and annual report, focusing on the industry configuration and the top ten heavy stocks, to avoid investing in misleading products.

At the same time, fund managers have experience in emerging technology-related industries, and that’s a bonus.

  The main points can be seen in these three bases: 1.
Huaan Media’s Internet investment mainly focuses on the two directions of “media” and “internet”, with a yield of 76 this year.


  According to the latest three quarterly report, heavy storage stocks are basically high-tech emerging industries, and past positions are basically tied to investment themes.

  Fund manager Hu Yibin is known as a “growth stock hunter” and has a dual background in the IT industry and the financial industry. It is said that he also used self-study to open websites, do forums, design games, and focused on emerging industry chains during the participation.My hobbies turned into investment jobs.

  Although this fund was established in May 2015, the timing was not good, but Hu Yibin finally handed out a answer that satisfied the people, and the fund’s total historical return was as high as 76.

90%, the Shanghai stock index fell 32% during the same period.

  However, the current scale of Huaan Media’s Internet is too large, exceeding 10 billion. I don’t know if it will affect the operation of fund managers. After all, it is difficult for the ship to make a U-turn.

  2.Galaxy Innovation Growth mainly invests in innovative listed companies with good growth and has earned 74 this year.
  In the third quarter of this year, the deployment is still in the TMT field, mainly investing in 5G, consumer electronics, semiconductors, cloud computing, financial information, security and controllability, and related to B software.

  The total return since its establishment in December 2010 was 256.

75%, annualized return over 15%, is still a very good long-distance running base.

  The fund’s current helm is Zheng Weishan. Although he took over in May this year, he has achieved outstanding performance since he took office, earning nearly 40 points.

Zheng Weishan has many years of securities investment experience, outstanding long-term technology stock investment, and is currently the leader of the Galaxy Fund Science and Technology Research Group.

  3.CCB Information Industry has invested in a fund in the information industry with a yield of 58 this year.


  Similarly, the positions in the next three quarterly reports are concentrated in the electronic components industry. Except for Poly Real Estate, most of the heavy stocks are technology-related stocks.

  This fund has been managed by Shao Zhuo since its establishment in March 2015. From his past resumes, it can be found that he is a fund manager with industrial experience, similar to his February 2007-July 2010, he served as IBMSoftware Engineer, China Software Lab; July 2010, joined Guangfa Securities as an expert in the computer industry.

  Second, the passive index type passive index fund is passively associated with related stocks. There is no active management and the correlation is very high, but you can’t expect 武汉夜网论坛 it to have excess returns.

  I selected products with a fund size of more than 200 million, a total of 14 products.

  (Data source: WIND as of 2019-11-04) Focus on the two most recent “net red” ETFs.

  1.Huabao CSI Leading ETF This ETF has been active since its listing on July 22, with an average daily turnover of 5.

5.1 billion yuan.

  Tracking is the CSI Leading Technology Index. This index consists of 50 leading companies in the electronics, computer, communications, biotechnology and other scientific and technological fields of Shanghai and Shenzhen, with a large scale, high market share, strong growth ability, and high R & D investment.Stock composition.

  Index industry distribution (data source: WIND as of 2019-11-04) top ten weighted stocks of the index (data source: WIND as of 2019-11-04) 2.Huaxia CSI 5G communication theme ETF 5G officially launched this year, recently moved, China Unicom and Telecom also launched 5G packages. This ETF is the first 5G theme ETF in China, and it is currently the only one. Since its launch on September 17,The average daily turnover is over 2 billion at the same time.

  There are 40 CSI 5G communication themed index components tracked, covering telecommunications services, communications equipment, computers and electronic equipment, and computer applications.

  The top ten heavyweights of the index (data source: WIND as of 2019-11-04) Since these two products are ETFs, you can directly buy or sell through the stock account input code, you can conduct cross-border transactions, or you can buyLong-term holding.

  In the end, my mother-in-law also needs to take a look. Although the “technological style” looks attractive, the investment risk is not small. Emerging industries such as electronics, computers, communications, and media all have high deformation properties.Took a roller coaster.

  Therefore, you are best to consider the medium and long-term fixed investment method to participate in related investments. In addition to the technology base, you must also configure other broad-based indexes as an aid to diversify your investment.

  Technological themes sometimes rise dramatically. Remember to take reasonable profit when position returns are too high.