[Difference between squid squid and octopus]_Claw seafood_Difference

[Difference between squid squid and octopus]_Claw seafood_Difference

Maybe everyone has seen squid squid octopus and these three kinds of seafood in life, but because these three kinds of seafood are similar in appearance, many people can easily replace them.

In particular, squid and squid have similar characteristics in terms of appearance and habits.

In fact, if you want to distinguish the difference between the three squid squid octopus, you can take a closer look at what is the difference between them.

From the level of the class, the three species of octopus, squid, and squid are still a family. These are all belonging to the cephalopods Amaranthus (also known as the sub-branchs).

From the level of the order, the octopus belonged to the order of the order Octacarya, and the squid and squid belonged to the order of ten carapace, and the squid belonged to the order squid alone.

At the level of the family, the three organisms are completely distinguished. The octopus belongs to the octopus family, the squid belongs to the squid family, and the squid belongs to the calaquiidae.

Squid Squid and squid have similar habits. Both of them like light, so they like to stay in shallow waters.

The speed of both of them is obviously faster than that of the octopus, and the ten tentacles can exert force at the same time, and they can move forward quickly in the sea.

In this way, we also mentioned above that octopus belongs to the order of the eight-armed order and squid and squid belong to the order of the ten-fisted order.

So the octopus has two fewer tentacles than squid and squid.

In addition, although octopus, squid, and squid belong to the mollusc phylum, octopus is the softest of the three.

Squids have cartilage in their bodies, and squids have hard bones in their bodies. Both of them replace “bone” than octopus.

The octopus realized from the above that we can grind it. The relationship between squid and squid is relatively close. Modern science also believes that squid and squid should be the same ancestor.

Next, let’s talk about the differences between the three. First of all, the octopus has a special habit, and they like to use their tentacles to suck at the bottom of the sea and slowly crawl.

Squid and octopus like dark environments, so they are often in deeper waters.

Finally, if squid is metaphorical in appearance.

The body of the octopus is sac-like, and its head is round and larger like an apple.

The squid’s body is wider than the front end and looks like a shovel.

The squid’s body appears, and if cut with a knife, it will form a squid circle.

It should also be noted that although only the squid has a “black” character.

But in fact, their brothers and sisters have ink sacs in their bodies. As long as their bodies are mature, they can spray ink to escape when they are in danger.

Which one tastes better with octopus, squid, and squid?