Xiao Fan and Fan Lao had a brief chat and then left Greenwood Villa,He doesn’t want to drive now,Teleport is generally used。

Xiao Fan always doesn’t know how to meet Lin Yoona,In what way,In what state,So he went firstcbase。
He appeared oncAt the gate of the base,The men were stunned,It took a few seconds to say hello, boss,Xiao Fan nodded,Walk into the house。
Shen Lin and Yiming are discussing in the conference room,I don’t know anything about Xiao Fan’s return,The subordinates are also blinded,Forgot to pass。Xiao Fan didn’t care,Went straight into the meeting room。
Xiao Fan walked in,Everyone in the meeting room stood up,,Yiming and Shen Lin have their backs to Xiao Fan,Don’t know what happened yet,Staring at everyone。
then,The two followed everyone’s eyes and turned back,Almost jumped up from the chair,“Old old……boss!”Slurred speech。
Shen Lin is not getting better,Seeing Xiao Fan’s eyes are red,My lips trembled and I couldn’t say a word,Xiao Fan smiled,Go to the middle。
Watching everyone say:“Don’t be nervous everyone,Sit down,I am back,These three years,Everyone did a great job。”Xiao Fan waved his hands after finishing talking for everyone to sit down。
Everyone sat down in a daze,Just look at Xiao Fan。Xiao Fan smiled helplessly,About a few minutes passed,Everyone slowly slowed down。
Xiao Fan answered the phone,Rush to the hospital immediately,How could Lin Feng suddenly become critically ill?,It’s hard to get Lin Yoona back,Otherwise Xiao Fan really can’t handle it。
One wave has not settled, another wave rises,Now it is in this form,When driving, he feels that someone must be making trouble。
So he dialed the base number,I’m going to let someone check it first,It’s not good if you threaten Lin Yuna。
“Hey,Qi Zheng,You help me check,Who did Lin Feng’s business?,hurry up,There is also a notification,Protect Yoona,Don’t tell her before Lin Feng。”Xiao Fan told the other end of the phone。
Qi Zheng over there responded one by one,Everything is the most important thing,He understands。
Here Xiao Fan parked the car in the garage,Noticed the camera in the underground garage,What suddenly occurred to him。
Hurriedly called the staff responsible for the safety of the hospital,Let them check and monitor immediately,If the surveillance is destroyed,Find a way to recover immediately。
Then he went upstairs,If Lin Feng really didn’t pass the danger zone,Even if it’s him this time,It might not be able to save him,He is not 100% sure。
He trot to the door of the operating room,Seeing Liu Chunlan was out of energy,As if on the verge of collapse,Li Ma supported。
Xiao Fan walked to Liu Chunlan,Say:“mom,How are you,Don’t worry。”Liu Chunlan looked up and saw Xiao Fan coming,It’s like seeing a straw。