“Can’t I practice by myself?”Gan Yifan frowned。

“No way,If you really don’t want others to get too close to you,I’ll tell Coach Lu to keep your distance while coaching you。”
Gan Yifan reluctantly responded,Go to the fight hall,I accidentally saw Ning Tao and Tong Xu coming out of the fighting gym。
“You guys come here to exercise。”Gan Yifan says hello。
Ning Tao nodded,Perfunctory。
“I talked about practicing when I first went to college,But I always say no action,A few days ago, I laughed and said you were exercising here,Let’s join in the fun,If I can train this fat body,I’m sure I’m better than you。”Tong Xu smiled and said,Also made a joke,I can’t tell that he bothers Yifan。
Wu Shanguo greets inside,Gan Yifan didn’t say much,After chatting a few words, I started practicing boxing。
Two people at the front desk here pay for the card,Ning Tao said:“Don’t you bother him,What else to talk to him。”
Tong Xu smiled quietly,I don’t know whether it was intentional or unintentional,Finish card,Tong Xu goes back and forth around the cabinet where Gan Yifan puts his backpack,It looks like it’s just watching other people exercise。
Gan Yifan came out after training,The two have gone,Gan Yifan didn’t stay too much,Took a shower and went to the alley to replenish nutrition。
Eat out,Ride-hailing is here,He got in the car and went back to Ganjiazhuang。
Wang Lan’s mother and daughter arrive,Brought a lot of inconvenience to his life and practice,In the past two days, besides eating dinner and sleeping in Lin’an Community,Didn’t go back any other time。He won’t go home for dinner today,Go directly to Ganjiazhuang。