But Qin Feng is not in a hurry,But choose to fight against each other。After all, he still doesn’t understand why a dignified dark-powered master would get involved in such things.。

What makes him most incredible is,There is actually a strategy。
If it has nothing to do with strategy,I won’t do so many tricks。
“and so,Why on earth are you doing this?Dignified innate strong,Still play these tricks?”Qin Feng asked。
“Tut,I didn’t want to come forward。Everything will be fine if you leave it to my agent。Who would have thought that you came。After all, you are also an innate strong,Since you have all come forward。If only my apprentice was there,I can’t stop you for a turn.?

“You still didn’t say why。Why is so important to a nomad?And also destroy them?”Qin Feng asked again。
“Ha ha,Actually nothing。It’s because I feel that this bearded man may break through the innate level。I feel he is threatening,So I want to get rid of it。how,Does he have a good relationship with you?How about we talk?After all, you can’t hurt your peace!”
“You are right to say that。Since it’s all a misunderstanding,Or just forget about it?”Qin Feng frowned。After all, he really doesn’t want to fight against opponents of the same level。
He still has some injuries at this time,It’s not that you can’t do it,It’s much better than the previous serious injury of a broken arm。
At that time, he used the Throwing Knife technique but basically had to break his arm。
“Ok,How about this,I got rid of this big beard,Then you give me face。”The other party said playfully。
“Yo?This is called peace talk?You don’t seem to take me seriously?”Qin Feng sneered,If you change to other moments,Maybe he still has the possibility of agreeing,After all, the opponent is innate strong after all,Qin Feng didn’t have much confidence in facing such an opponent。