Lin Shaofen put it down immediately,No interest anymore。

Even true,Bought more than 20,000,What’s the use?She won’t make a profit at all,Have no interest in own collection。
Even the audience in the live broadcast room felt that the stall owner was opening his mouth,A stall,Dare to ask for more than 20,000。People have this money,To visit your stall?I went to the antique shop a long time ago,At least the items in the antique shop are more secure,Isn’t it?
“Cough!I won’t make you a thousand yuan cheaper,This price,You can’t find it anywhere else。”The stall owner encouraged。
but,Something more than ten thousand yuan,Even if you say,Lin Shaofen won’t want it。
have to say,She has a good shopping concept,Even if you can’t buy the genuine product,Her loss will not be great。Just play favorites、Just entered the antique circle,Should do it。
of course,Those families are particularly rich,Exceptions can be made,People can afford tuition,Not distressed。
Fang Ru mumbled:“You said the market price is around 30,000,If we start with 27,000,Can’t make money,Who wants?Not stupid。”
The tip of the owner’s ear,Smiled after hearing it:“How about that 25,000 give you?”
See the stall owner shift the target to her,Fang Ru panicked,Look at Populus。
Populus chinensis,Pretending to think,Speak for a while:“Twenty-five thousand words,Can earn a little。”
The stall owner is happy:“Right?beauty,That handsome guy said so。”
Fang Ru hesitated for a while,Although Brother Hu said he could make a little,But if you buy 25,000,,Almost all her savings,Then I won’t be able to buy other things。
Lin Shaofen sees the dilemma of her girlfriend,Secretly in her ear:“If you don’t have enough money,I lend you first。”
Get!Have this sentence,Fang Ru is relieved。
but,Still continue to ask:“Can it be cheaper by another thousand??”
A thousand yuan is a lot,If it can be cut down,Just one more set of cosmetics of good quality。
The owner sees this woman’s heartbeat,How can you cut your own meat?Resolutely shook his head,The lowest price。
Fang Ru had to obediently turn over 25,000,Get that commemorative coin。
And Populus also picked up a similar one:“This one?”