See someone rewards gifts,Zhou Qiansheng did not understand what conditions。

“These rewards,Don’t brush again,I just don’t have a gift.。”
Zhou Qiaoxiao said this,The barrage is another piece“Express”。
“bosses,Everyone understands,Women say no,Actually, it is。”
“Yup,All express,You have to work hard.。”
“I just said that I have said it.,Our flowers will not be heartbroken,Only gifts can you feel。”
Looking at the rhythm that is biased,Zhou Qiaoqi is also speechless。
“I can tell you.,You brush a gift again,I will put the live broadcast to the horse.。”
Ma Xiaoliang heard Zhou Qiaoxiao,Laugh and ask:“what happened?
What is going on?”
When he saw a full screen gift,He is also a glimpse,I don’t understand what is today?,Although Zhou Qiain is in the gift, there will be more,But there are so many gifts today,He is still uncomfortable。
“I don’t let them brush a gift.,They are not to brush,This live broadcast is still holding you.,I will help you buy a dish.。”
Say,Zhou Qiaoxiai is also directly to the mobile phone with the Selfie rod.。
Ma Xiaoliang appeared,The barrage is a piece of rolling。
See this scene,Ma Xiaoliang is also speechless.。
“Dear boss,You are too colorful, it’s too much.?
People have said nothing,You also brush,it’s good now,You can only see my handsome face.。”
“Next,I take you to buy vegetables.,However, what is the vegetables of lotus village?,I heard that the vegetables here are very delicious.。”
Say,Ma Xiaoliang also hurriedly took Zhou Qiansheng,Then transfer the topic between the live broadcasts.。
As for the rest of the rest, I want to pick up.,Ma Xiaoliang directly selects ignore。
soon,Ma Xiaoliang is coming to a greenhouse,Although the first come,But he is still very polite.。
Just enter the greenhouse,He stunned。
Not just him,The audience in the live broadcast also stunned。
The chapter of the first thousand and twenty-nine chapters Liu Yanfeng’s change
Cucumber in the greenhouse,eggplant,Fire red pepper,There is also a yellow yellow,White,Purple flowers,As if it is the scenery in the fairy tale。
“I go,What is this fairy place?,I feel that this greenhouse can be a tourist attraction.。”
“Yup,I really want to go to experience。”
“Anniversary,Hurry picking a cucumber trying to taste。”
Facing the barcings in the live broadcast,Ma Xiaoliang is also hilarious。
“I want it too,But there is no consent of the owner of the people.,I am going to pick it out, it is not very good.?”
“It’s fine,You will pick a taste,It’s good to give money.。”
See the scribe。
Ma Xiaoliang is also laughing:“The brothers said that I didn’t pick it up.?
I want me to pick it up.1,Don’t let me pick the deduction of the owner of the people2。”
This is said,The barrage is also an immediate footprint11111Ma Xiaoliang is a heartbeat, I don’t want to pick it.,After all, I have not agreed.,Don’t always feel bad,If this is the script rehearsal in advance.,He will definitely pick it without himself for live broadcast programs.。
But this doesn’t communicate in advance.,It is exactly the free situation,He doesn’t want to do it.。
But the slider1111But let him want to try,After all, if the live broadcast program effect, if the explosion,Then the growth of fans will definitely be super fast。
And with the increase of fans,After his exposure will be higher,Earn more,It’s a relaxed thing to buy a house at the time.。
“Row,Since the brothers say this,Then I will return it to the expectations.,Just pick a small tender taste。”
Finish,Ma Xiaoliang is directly to the shot of the crisp cucumber.。