Lu Hao became a few words,It’s blocked by Blue Xin.。

Her slim body,Sitting in front of him,Some Linglong Small,Wavy-shaped big volume is very soft,Those who are eyebrows and beautiful,Eye paint black,At this moment, I was confused.。
Lu Hao is also quiet and opposed。
Just a calm,Confused。
Blue Xin’s silent collection,Have you have room for choice??
She is shallow:“it is good!Tomorrow’s dinner,I will always go with the land.。”
Blue Xin finished,Get up,Look indifferent,It seems to be forced。
For Blue Xin,Lu Haocheng is indeed forced her。
For Lu Haozheng,He is completely deliberate。
Giving a female companion?!
He has participated in various banquets before,I have not taken a woman。
This time,He suddenly wants to go with Blue Xin.,It is the first time they are both.,Where did you fall?,Where did you get up?,It is a place where she is awesome,It is another beginning of his life.。
He admitted,His idea is very cruel,But,He is strongly felt to stimulate him.,She is a blue blue that he has been looking for.。
“Continental,See you tomorrow!”Blue Xin looked at the contemplation Lu Hao Cheng,Turn around。
Lu Haocheng turned around,Elegant,Looking at her back,Essentially provoke a smile of evil。
He Lu Haocheng just finds what you like.,Will not give up。
Blue,Blue,Lu Hao Cheng,Missing these two words in my heart,But feel unusually happy。
He gets up,Jacket taken on the side,Elegant walking out。
Ou Jing is still waiting for him outside。
See Lu Hao Cheng,He just looked faintly he,I will take the public bag on the table.。
Asked with a consistently indifferent tone:“go home?Still going to eat?”
European is very clear,He won’t go back。
He didn’t know about Lan Xin tonight tonight.。
When Lu Haocheng is about a woman will be rejected?
See Lu Haozheng does not speak,His lips are rare hooked,Suddenly open:“how?The first time was rejected by a woman,It’s very bad in my heart.?”
Lu Haozheng is standing next to the elevator,Extending the slender finger gently,The deep eyes look lazy to see him.,“How do you also gossip today??”
But think about what he said.,Self-department,good,He first took the initiative woman today,But it was rejected。
European laughs,The sound line is still very light:“Other people’s things,I am very interested.,But your business,I am very interested,We have always been close to women’s land,Suddenly I have a woman to eat together.,This is indeed the most worthy talk of the gossip.!”
Lu Haocheng is not angry,Instead, the elegant laughs:“Landscape,I remember that there is such a word on the book.,I don’t expect life to be very smooth.,But I hope to encounter my life.,You can be its opponent,My opponent appeared!”
“Oh!”Ou Jing, light, oh,,“You call your opponent,Blue Xin?”
Can be as opponents,May not general!
NS104chapter:Waiting for his beloved woman back

NS104chapter:Waiting for his beloved woman back
“If it is her,Is my biggest opponent,I have to conquer her.,Take me,Crown of her name,Become my lady!”Lu Hao Cheng smiled and bloomed,The brain is even sketching the two red books,Have him and her name。
Ou Jing looked at him deeply,Call out a bite,Only:“Hao Jun,For so many years,Are you still don’t worry??”