“I’ll clean up the house for you,You should also sleep early!”Chen Yueqin closed the door,And said to Wang Youcai。

When Wang Youcai was about to return to the house,,But I heard my father Wang Degui shout:“Rich!Come up here,I want to talk to you”
Wang Youcai hesitated,Turned around and went into the upper room。On the big Kang in the upper room,Cleaned up,Wang Degui is lying behind the kang and smoking his dry smoke,The house is full of a good smell of cigarettes。
Seeing Wang Youcai sitting on the kang,Wang Degui sighed and said:“Your kid’s wrist is getting bigger and bigger now。Today this,Everyone will be unlucky。So the people who helped us,Our old Wang family owes them a favor”
“dad!How many times have i told you。People’s favor,Relying on what our family can give her back?to be honest,She didn’t help our old Wang family,She is helping my second brother,Do you understand it?”Wang Youcai lowered his voice and said。
Wang Degui nodded and said:“I understand you,But what kind of person is the second child,You don’t know。Look at him,Since I started working in the provincial capital,Don’t say it’s back,I rarely make a phone call”
“Hey!I didn’t listen to my mother,Others will not come back,But the money is not less for you!”Wang Youcai asked tentatively。All sons,Two old people can’t let him support it alone, right?!Boss went in,There is no hope。But the second child is different,People are not bad,Let him do something。
Wang Degui snorted coldly:“We don’t hesitate to spend his money”
“Damn!Don’t be angry when you are old。Second brother is busy,People are now big cadres,Don’t delay his future for a bit of a bad thing in our family”Wang Youcai sneered and said to Wang Degui。
Wang Degui is not stupid,He can hear Wang Youcai’s dissatisfaction with his second brother。But as a father,He treats every child equally。
“Stop talking,Are you less exposed to your second brother??Although a lot of things are not you, you can do it yourself,But others can do things for you,It’s not because of your Erke’s face。Just say this President Hu,If it wasn’t for your second brother,She knows who you are?”Wang Degui said angrily。
Wang Youcai wanted to take the opportunity to blow the air in Dad’s ear,Let him click on this before his second child,Unexpectedly, he came down to look in the mirror,Not people inside and outside。
“okay!Stop looking at him。Of our three brothers,He spends the most money at home,Pay more,It’s no big deal”Wang Youcai finished,Get up and go。