Bubble bowl with white radish duck,It’s delicious to let Chen Linzhi appetite.。

The waiter came over and added,When he saw the young man, he will give money from time to time.,Subsequently, ask for money:“You have been coming to Singapore for a while.,There are not many boys chasing your boy in school.?I used to think that you are a meat bun.,Easy,Now the temperament is gradually,I have to make up your short board,Usually very popular。”
Woman,The attention of others is always happy,Qian Yu is equally exception。
She is stupid:“of course,There are several cases of loved books.,More boys with me with me more,Someone will follow up on the way to eat, I tried to talk。but……In addition to class,I usually have almost unable to leave the dormitory,Also rejected them all,Community、I don’t participate in other activities.,There is always a little stinky money.,I feel that I am very easy to catch up from Huaxia.,I thought I would look at their small gifts.。”
“Right,I have a private plane.,You have lived in a luxury home.,The eye is much higher than others.。Why didn’t you want to find a boyfriend?,Be unclear,because I?”
Chen Linzhi deliberately,Tender and asked。
This is said to make money.,Her face begins with the speed of naked eye.,Expenditure:“Before,Because I have younger brother,Be sick,There is no elder to help,Work is not very good,Don’t want to delay?,It will be very tired with me.。Later I met you,I will concentrate on learning to improve myself.,It’s almost like this.。”
“because I?”
Chen Linzhi asked again。
He did not give money to the order,Instead, the roots of the roots,Do not give the other party an opportunity to avoid embarrassing topics。
Money’s face is red,Especially ears,From the ears, red to your neck,The curry flavor is suddenly unknowing.,Pick to her, cough。
Bitten teeth, half a day,She said with a small voice.:“It’s because you,Satisfied?Hello, I have been to me several times.……That’s,How can I still find another man?,Although you have a suspicion of my cheapness at the time.,But I will forgive you.,After all, I will hook first.……hook……”
“seduce”These two words,Qian Wei face,It really can’t say it.。
Chen Linzhi smiled when Chen,Every time I play this girl,Will not let him down。
If you change to Changze,Changze 绫 will only throw more and more bold,In addition to active or active,Which is like money?。
Probably realize that you are too disappointing,Qian Wei saw Chen Linzhi smiled happy,Poster an angry expression,In fact, there is no killing force。
Continue to eat,Only listening to Chen Linzhi suddenly sigh:“There are more http://www.kingwoody.cn times.,There are also many times of talking.,We seem to be friends.,Always let me not be very embarrassed to start with you。A bit,Previously easier。”
Qian Yuyi, listening to this sentence。
Really can’t pick up,It’s hard to say that it is easy now.,May wish to get bigger bigger?
She only put it didn’t hear it.,Bury,Red to a hot ears,I have already exposed the true idea,It’s so calm in the surface.。
Dinner,Local time at 8 o’clock。
Chen Linzhi didn’t think much?,Qian Wei is like a big enemy,I often want to think about something else.,The redness on the face has never been retired。
There is a cinema in the hotel,AlsospaAnd open gym,After the waiter learned that there is a recent name《Gamble》Movie is very popular,Sorry with money to watch movies。
The wings of the butterfly are still affected.,For http://www.lygshaiwang.cn example, this《Gamble》。
Starring brother turns flooding,I don’t have a feeling that Chen Linzhi feels very sensible.,Less little bit of breath and handsome,Movie plots also followed Chen Linzhi’s impression《Gamble》Not the same,Aerobics,It is still handsome。
Watching a movie,Chen Linzhi held the hand of Qian Yun,I can find that she often sweats.,In order to avoid embarrassment,Just not perceived。
Occasionally,Use your fingers on her legs,So that the money is completely unconscious,Take a cranky。
More than two hours of movie quickly played,Qian Yu is finally facing the choice,She said whispered when she left the view hall.:“so late,I will never go back to the dormitory.,I didn’t tell me when I came out.……”
“Yes,I have a book, you don’t know me.,Who is reading a master?,And not the University of the Mainland,The http://www.neihangu.cn dormitory of this place will lock the door?”Chen Linzhi is not well,Staring at Qian Yu’s eyes asked her。
This girl is guilty,Big eyes, horses, blinking,Twice:“Lock,I am almost in my previous school.。”
“Oh~that’s OK,You also said,The principal of your school value I value me.,I can’t find your head because you have a small matter.,I feel a bit cold tonight.,Looking for a personal help warm bed。”
Qian Yan can’t stand this degree of tuning,Almost want to get sourcing。
Don’t resist anything,It’s just too shy.,Nervous to your head almost blank。
Actually,There are still a little story that can’t be described before.,But Chen Linzhi specially took the initiative,It is more likely to let her accept。
And seeking her opinion like today,Qian Wei is stupid.,Do not open。If Chen Linzhi doesn’t ask,Just naturally go upstairs,Money will not be nervous now。
She is a very masculine woman,Before,Now。
Ghost makes the gods into the elevator,Ghosts make God to the top floor of the Presidential Suite。
Qian Yi did not dare to see Chen Linzhi,After waiting for the door to the door,She is thinking about saying something,However, I have been waiting.,Has been pressed on the wall……