The old man is obviously sold,“Master I have no wish,Biggest wish,As long as you can don’t fall behind this Waton,The master is satisfied.。”

Zhenlong smile,“Master you don’t play。”
The old face is stiff,Just anger,Taoism,“Thousands of people is really strong,But he can’t play me.。”
Old people,Hawoo stared at Xiao fat,“Not yet played,How do you know that you can play you??”
“Because I can break his three-way Xuanjia defense.……”
Old man instantly ecstatic。
Wooden system。
A vast valley,Baicao Fengmao,Qingquan flows,Bird flower,Various planted blush,Full of vitality。
There is a palace in the valley,This place banned,Layers。
Spacious and bright in the cave,All areas are full of fragrant flowers。
In the cave,Flower stood up,A pleasant surprise。
“cousin,you,you,You actually reached Tongxuan?”
Opposite him,Sitting a green robe,Tough man with long figure。
After heard of words at this moment,Smile and shake the head,“Not yet,Large layer window paper,But my closed customs have passed the study of Jianhao.。”
Toned,Also,“I will see you this time.,I want to ask what talents in the wood system,I want to talk to it.。”
“good,I am talking about Lin brothers now.。Lin Feng brother’s strength is the strongest。”
Flower full face,
This man is named Ling Tian in front of him.,It is her expression.,In order to pursue the ultimate sword,Swordsman。
It has been intermittent for thousands of years.,I didn’t expect this time.,It’s almost a variety of ways to break through Tongxuan.!
That is a higher level of Xuanzi.!
“cousin,Do you also participate in the 10,000 contest this time??I tell you,You have a closed door.,Last millennium,Each gear talent is doubled,Lin Feng’s brother has broken through a hundred years ago.,It is our best to make a young generation.。”
“Will it?……”
Ling Tian’s mouth evoke a discrete,“Then contact him.,Let me see how much water is known as the so-called anti-open genius。”
With the approach of Wannian,Young people who have returned all the year round。
There are also some strong returns to the removal of far away experience.。