Northern Qi,Qi Yan Gao Wei,How to die,Kill the murder,Even the Lanling king is also forced to die.。When I was attacking Jinyang North Zhou,Also with Feng Xiaoyi to visit the mountain。

But even Gao Wei is so,Jinyang defended with Jinyang Xianbei Militaryholders,I also played the prostitute of the prince.,Almost gutter!
So say so,At that time, I changed Gao Huan into a pig.,I am afraid that I can keep Jin Yang.。You must know that it is the year of Northern Qi,The country is already rotten into the bones,Jianghuai’s defenders Lian Nan Chen didn’t play!
As a result, Jinyang Six Town is full of death to die against the North Week.。
Can imagine,Now North Qi’s national strength is still in the peak,How does Gao Bi face?!
Not afraid because ignorance,I am afraid that it is normal.!
“Leader,I feel that I feel some of them.。Zhao Zhaojun is a prosperous woman who is rough,She is very appeal,Point the spear to her directly,Isn’t it a handle??”
Song Kings said some concerns about worry。It is a cup before the table.“Clear tea”,That is, there is no messy thing.,Just brewing tea in tea。Since he went to Gao Biyi after drinking once,I fell in love with the taste.。
Unfortunately, Song Qin said that even eating dragon meat is not tasteful.,How can I drink tea??
“Don’t you find,檄 檄,Various headers of the Xianbei tribes in the six towns,There is no mention?Do you think this is accidental??”
Gao Bao smiled and asked,It seems that the attitude of Song Kings has already preached。
It is estimated that many people are an idea with Song Kings.,Just they will not say。Um,Maybe those people planned behind?,After the six towns, the Xianbei Dafa defeated the army,Those people will open the gate of Yucheng,Then I will grasp the family of myself and the big supervisor’s house.。
“Really no,Is the Lord want to differentiate?Those people do not sell Total account,Can you take us seriously?!”
Song Qinwa feels that Gao Biyi is some confident.。
“Very early,I will arrange people,Give Jinyang Xianbei’s neck on the rope。There is still a big event that everyone has not perceived today.,Do you know what is it??”
Gao Bi took out a big paper,Write down above“Tute”Two words。
“Tute?Is the Lord said that Zhou Congli came to stroke?”
“Be right,I have been waiting for this moment.,I finally waited for it.。But now it is still very early,It is estimated that the Zhou Jun has not available.,So I am actually in the hometown of the gambling, I will not now.!”
The only chance of Yi Zhaojun and others,It is an inequaliety of autumn harvest,Take advantage of Gao Bo Yi yet yet,Directly with all the big army!
Unfortunately,Jinyang has now mobilized any soldiers and horses.,Why is this so?Two words,locust!
The disaster in the Jinyang area is more than the city,Those Xianbei military households are also towers!These people are no longer a nomadic nation.,Most of them have land,There are slaves in Tianli,Poor you want to go to the field to work!
Locusts come,All labor,Participate in actions in the disaster of locusts。
If you have forcibly recruited Xianbei Military House,What to eat when people receive?What is the rent??
The so-called Jinyang area has been“reform”,It is a mess,The underlying army is stripped,Grievances have been great。At this time, I don’t care about them.,Let them leave farmland full of locusts,Go to the squadron of the city,People are not fools.!
How can such an army may have combat?!
Gao Baoyi“gamble”,It has a good understanding of Jinyang area,In the case of full grasp of climate and people’s hearts,Decision made。It seems simple,In fact, there is a lot of intelligence support.。
“More than a year,I let Datun Development Bank expand the business road there.,Changed the cheese of the cheese in the past, the food of the cheese is very popular in the north.,Canton livestock,Chain。
Because of these,So the military on the side of Jinyang has not starved to death.,What is afraid that the field is occupied by the people,You can also go to the grassland in the north of Jinyang.,Buy food with money。
But from tomorrow,Yucheng’s food,One grain is not allowed to ship the Water City to Jinyang’s will!
At the same time, I will ordered it.,Wang Jun, let Luoyang,The passage of Luoyang to Jinyang also blocks Luoyang!By the time,Is Xianbei military house to find Zhou Guo to buy food?”
Gao Boyi this stick,Almost hit the arrival of Jinyang this city!
The later generations have made a rankings for the ancient Chinese,These include economic conditions,Safe level,Traffic conditions, etc.。
Among them, Jinyang Tasting is the highest in safety.,Wors of traffic conditions,Economic conditions are also the worst ancient capital,none of them!
Because of security,So closed,Because of closed,So the traffic conditions are poor,Because of traffic inconvenience,So the economy also can’t develop!Since ancient Jinyang area is the key town of defending the northern grassland nation!
As a small capital,That is more than enough。
However, the country’s site is big.,Jin Yang as the capital,It is far less enough.。Why do North Qi execute“Two-section system”,Not because Jin Yang has no money, no food?!
Gao Baoyi believes that he is in full swing with Jinyang,Winning a very small,I can only count on the opponent’s main mistake.。
This is to take your own shortcomings,Go to the strengths of others,Very stupid!
And what he has to do now,It is necessary to use the strengths of the Yucheng area.,Go against the shortcomings of Jinyang area!