Tips and notes for motorboat driving

Tips and notes for motorboat driving

If the speeding motorboat is to pursue the speed of water sports, then it must be fun to play motorboat.

General motorboats can reach 70-80 km / h, and large motor boats that can take two or three people can reach 100 km / h.

On the clear water, galloping wind and waves, the splashing waves constantly beat your chest, you squint your eyes and stare at the front in the mist of water, this is a very exciting feeling!

Driving a motorboat at sea, leaping over the sea, galloping like a sharp arrow, it feels extremely exciting, and the mood is greatly relaxed.

The marine motorboat is extremely easy to operate, you only need to control the speed of the speed or stop by the throttle.

Before driving, the staff will let you put on your life jacket, unless you don’t drive well and fall into the sea, there will be no problems.

If you still don’t dare to drive alone, you can also take the staff to take you on the sea.

Yalong Bay, Dadonghai, West Island, etc. have launched this marine entertainment project, which can make you have fun!

  The origin of motorboats Motorboats originated at the end of the 19th century.

In 1903, more than twenty powerboat clubs in the United States jointly established a unified organization, the American Powerboat Association.

In 1922 the International Motorboat Federation was established in Brussels, Belgium.

After the appearance of outboard engines in 1924, this movement was strongly promoted.

The speed record of the smallest registered outboard racing boat (OJ class) in 1980 has reached 111 per hour.

72 kilometers.

In 1978, Australian Wobbi drove an unlimited jet (engine) boat, creating 511 per hour.

11 km speed record.

A rocket-powered speedboat designed and built by American Taylor in 1980 reached a speed record of 563 kilometers per hour.

  How to play the motorboat1. The motorboat is easy to operate and equipped with specialized coaches and lifeguards.

Beginners are best accompanied by professionals before they drive alone.

  2. Hard hats and life jackets are also essential.

  3. When boarding the boat, attach a switch rope to your wrist. In case the body is thrown away from the boat, the motor boat will automatically shut down, so as not to hurt people.

  4. When two boats are facing each other at high speed, they are aligned to the right as they are traveling on the land. They should be evacuated to the right. The special point to note is that the motorboat is propelled by the jet of water to control the direction, so the boat is docked.You should slow down slowly instead of shutting down all at once.

If it is off, the direction cannot be controlled, and the inertial superimposed motorboat is heading straight for the shore.

  6. Don’t leave the coast too far during driving.

  7, under 16 years of age or over 60 years of age, suffering from hypertension, hypertension is best not to drive.

  8. Don’t chase each other.

  Tips and precautions for driving a motor boat 1. Sit on the motor boat, insert the key, and insert the key cover on your right hand to prevent the key from falling off when the motor boat is driving at high speed.

  2. Please shift at low speed when starting or returning to avoid damage to the machine.

  3. When the motorboat is traveling at high speed at sea, please do not make a sharp turn to the bay to avoid injury caused by capsize.

  4. When the motorboat is traveling at high speed at sea, please keep balance between yourself and the motorboat.