“Book month,Confinement is exquisite,Must have a full moon to go out,You are not full moon yet,Go to work,The body can’t stand it。”Cousin said。

“Have to do business,No way。”Xia Shuyue said helplessly。 “What about the kid?Someone needs to take it,He still needs milk。”Xia Qiuping asked。 “Take it to work,What else。”Xia Shuyue said。 “Definitely not,You still walk a bit,I don’t stand very securely,How to hold the baby,How to work?Tell boss Zhang,You rest a few more days,Any deduction is fine,Can’t spoil the body。”Xia Qiuping strongly opposed。 […]

Whiteboard is a little hate, just being sent a little girl to fall,At this time, the yin and yang said:“Why is Lu Xion??I heard that I heard,Transferring flower palace to join Zhengzheng,I don’t even know that there is a flower son.,I want to pass the rumor,Zhengzheng will have a criminal hero?”

Previous time before the light,The Chu Deirers are indeed a vernacular.,Invitation month, there is no agreement,actually……Nothing now! In the case of not exposed the pity at the time,Flower is more likely to be inexplicable,When he walks in Jiangnan,Someone inquiry,Flower is not natural“have no idea”。 However, now…… I am deer people answer,On the side of the month, see the whiteboard.,Aim、Sitial only […]

office,Liao Jie pushed the door,In-house,Two white gold,Three long hair is tied to the chair,Silent and silent。

Wild scorpion,Tripathy,Confirm that there is no face seen on wanted order,By the way, the brow is tight。 “what happened,Have you know acquaintance?” “Do not,I’m curious,What kind of organization is,Talent per capita girl beauty。” The wild is quite wonderful,Three captive per capita pigments,Liao Jie is looking at people?? Think of this,She is suspected:“to be honest,Is your girlfriend that you hook other […]

Julan is not stupid at all,She immediately smiled and said:“ no need,You go back first! I’m not here these two days,Chen Donghai came to send the children to kindergarten”

Wang Youcai understood immediately,He waited for Julan to get out of the car,He quickly turned his head,Drove back to Xiping Village。Along the way,His car is fast。 Recreational agricultural tourism projects have been started in Xiping Village,This makes everyone’s heart very sweet。Wang Youcai drove the jeep directly into his compound。 Under the big tree in the yard,Wang Degui lying on a […]

I hope he can be guarded,After all, in the country of Feng,I don’t win Qipahi yourself.,But the port of Hight is his site,You can’t let the other side learn here.。

……………………………… Twart,Cantia Cantia’s prince is happy to listen to the information that the magician is delivered.。 Cantia does not want to compete for surface this time,For them,Technology is the most important thing。 “His Royal Highness Prince!Good news!Electric light!”The guards ran in a hurry.,Rear followed by a non-trimming scientist。 “Hose,This light is done with tungsten wire,Not only more durable than before,Pay […]

“it’s me!”

I heard Jing Fawu’s voice,Chen Xiu quickly closed his fists。 “Come in,lower the volume,The guards are gambling on the second floor,Don’t disturb them!” The two got in through the gap in the door,Chen Xiu couldn’t help but complain:“Lying,You can just climb up and watch the door,Just go around the back and climb up,Why let us walk for nothing!” “Not let […]

Chanting Room,Li Tianzhen rises up,After a few ups and downs, he left the purple garden,Out of the Taoist backyard,He carried the sleeping groggy captain in a room,Silent Debut,Go down the mountain。

In the Big Black Gate in Hulusi Alley, Chengzhong Village,Chartered wife,Like watching a gorilla,Staring at the wretched and sloppy captain with eyes like bells,And the young people who are all around him。 “Wang Zhong,Don’t blame Wang Po for not believing you,You can always talk like shit and eat it back,Never count,Want something from you,Want to continue living,Cash out,Half a year’s […]

Thinking about going,In the final analysis, I just want to do business,Make money,Humiliated the word Quan in his name!

If you are in power,Who dares to touch his son?Even Zhu Guoquan thought darkly,My elder brother’s son is safe,Because of this,My own broker,Isn’t it just a sick cat that is wantonly to outsiders?? It’s too late to make up for it! Looking at the smile on my son’s face,Zhu Guoquan felt the tingling in his heart,There is no way to […]

He stood up immediately,Hold Populus euphratica with both hands:“thank,Thank you so much。It’s better than donations,I will report,There should be a TV station……”

Hu Yang interrupted him quickly:“No need to,No need to!Don’t disturb the media。Don’t make our information public,Very troublesome。As long as this money,Can be used in practice,We can rest assured。” Finished,Hu Yang looks at Wen Wenhao:“He is your local,There will be trouble in the nursing home in the future,Can contact him,Such as the shortcomings,Let’s think of a way。” Wen Wenhao nodded:“Wei Lao,I […]