Not only can I listen to nine difficult frowns,Aunt also felt,This son……Some exaggeration,Unlike Chu League, then——People, Chu League, no time“Gantry”Put in the mouth!

Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake Chapter 866 About the pension problem “Respect,Let’s wake up,Be swearing。”I haven’t come to dinner,Mei Jian came over to inform Chu Deirers。 鼓 山,Lingbi Palace to take over,So the four swords served as a child of Chu Deirers,Although there is no touch,But it’s still due diligence.。 As for why the Lingbi Palace will go to […]

“In this case,Let’s just shoot,Let’s deal with Wang Teng first。”

“Is this still necessary?,No matter how good Wang Teng is,Do you think,Can he escape?” “makes sense,It looks like,Everyone is a hero!” Those around,Confident。 And beside Wang Teng,Dragon Tiger Camp everyone,It’s all going to give up。 Since now,Already made a decision。 Then other things,In fact, there is absolutely no need to consider here。 Since now,I have decided to do this,Then next,In […]

So Chu Deirers are on the side,will“Small chaotic work”tweak to“Polar”Internal force,Between the moment, I only see the Chu Debans in the disc.,The whole body is wet, and the spur is also transpired.。

Less than half a clock,Chu Deiren dry,More than bonfire…… “You change my clothes。”Chu Deee as a guardian,Unconsciously。 “I、I can’t move!”Wang language is shy,I originally frozen white face,Also pan red。 “Then I will borrow you with your right hand.。”Chu Deirers heard a burst of frowning,After that, he said it is difficult.。 “Do not……it’s not good。”Wang Yizhen, I am afraid that I […]

“Family members?”

Christina doesn’t believe it,With such close family members? “Believe it or not!It’s late,Let’s go back……” Fang Yu got on the car,I don’t want to bother about Christina。 this problem,Can’t explain at all! Furthermore,Fang Yu doesn’t need to talk to Christina。 “Give me a ride!I came by taxi……”Christina got in the car,Looking at Fang Yu with a smile。 Fang Yu nodded,Drove […]


Qin Zhi nodded,Patted his belly again and said:“I feel hungry。” “Row,I saw the introduction of Meituan, there is a good Cantonese teahouse nearby,Let’s try。” “it is good!” Chen Xiucai will lead Qin Zhi to the opposite side of Yanjiang Road,Suddenly three Prados are coming by speeding,There was another violent emergency braking sound,Form a semicircle around the two people。 Fifteen young […]

That’s why the two of them didn’t go back to visit their parents for nearly a month.,Thinking of this, Lin Yoona feels that her time planning is unreasonable。

If you plan your time well,This way you can better accompany your loved ones,And be able to do their job well,So in fact, many times people are not so glamorous on the surface。 Maybe many people envy the lives of Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona,Worry-free,And can do what you want,Occasionally go out for a trip,Then do something that I think […]

“What exactly is going on?What’s wrong with the altar?”Gao Dajin does not care about the relationship between these boys and girls,What’s more worrying about everyone’s return。

Huang Shaotian shook his head,Tao:“I am not too clear,I realized that the condition of this altar is different from what I know,Can’t sense the breath of the bright dragon god,I just want to try to investigate。” “Fortunately, you still know that people call Lord Wuhao,Otherwise you’ll be finished first!”Gao Dajin shook his head and smiled bitterly。 “Lord Wuhao!I think,I should […]

He also believes,Recently,Brother Hu will take care of him。

“The price might be higher。”Populus reminds。 Everyone knows what Brother Hu means,I can’t get used to Taoism being so miserable。 At this moment,Taoist ran back,Holding two sticks of incense in hand。 He panted,Apologize:“Sorry!Awaited。” Sister Fang removed,She is very particular about incense,Not random。This set,She learned it from her mother。Childhood,Incense is missing,Will be scolded by my mother for a long time。 When […]

“Brother and brother,rest assured,I have nothing。”Eight.Of course the old won’t tell me that I suffered“Beat”,That’s just to worry my brother。

“but,You have internal strength……”Wu Lao stretched out his hand first to check eight.old,But I was surprised to find,There is no internal force fluctuation! Like a worldly person,Never practiced internal strength。 No internal force,How to perform witchcraft? Although Lao Ba is not like him,Raising Gu Worm,Don’t worry about backlash,But there is no witchcraft,If I meet those people,What to do? “This one,Brother,Actually, […]

General Will’s face changed a lot,He finally realized that the disaster was imminent。

This weird creature,It’s not something conventional weapons can deal with。 He never thought,Except the Horned Lord of the Flies,There are creatures in the jungle that the army can’t deal with。 This kind of abnormal evolution ability,Let people have no chance to make a targeted attack plan。 Is it really as predicted by the snake king,Haven’t seen the Horned Flies yet,Will […]