As for the wandering emperor,It is now estimated that the slag is not left.,Eat the Maximum Power Wave of the Maximum Power of the 18th,Even if the other person has a regenerative ability, he can’t stand at all.。

This goods are also dead.,Taking himself surpass the strength of the dragon level,In fact, it will not win the 18th.,But at least the level of the enemy。 But because of the reason of the ability,It is pressed from head to tail to die.,Even finally became a victim of human beings to restore self-confidence。 I didn’t expect my opponent without spending […]

“I have to study hard.。”

“Ha ha……” “Don’t look at me!” Zhouzhi is standing on her,Soon, I opened my eyes.,Whisker:“I finally don’t have the image of the bun.?” “Well~~” 槐 满 满 满,Start climbing into bed,I climbed to the circumference and squeezing out a position.:“After all, there are so many people in today.,right?I am so kind, I have always used this body.,What should I do […]

At the same time, Lin Feng’s two hands pressed the night cold.。

“Laozi is a bastard。”Lin Feng spit a blood,Tall。 From small to large,I have never eaten such a loss,Especially planted in a woman’s hand。 “you,you wanna die,I am the Secretary for Police.,let me go。”Night Qing Dynasty, the cold, Edison, staring in Lin Feng。 “Secretary for Police?amazing?You can pay free to our civilian people.。”Lin Feng cold road:“Just sleep。” “you,Your twist,Shameless!”Night Qing Wen […]

As if this person is born, there is a life in his life.,If she left,A gray in his world。

He is this idea at the moment.。 I suddenly lost her news seven years ago.,I feel somewhat different.,But at that time, he is really too busy.,A busy,Many things will be forgotten。 Et even her,It is also thoroughly forgotten by her.。 Seven years later meet again,I know that she is the woman seven years ago.,His heart doesn’t know what happened.,I want […]

time,One day in the past,Slowly lapse a year。

Every elite,Almost all means all means,Soaring no effort is crazy to improve yourself。 over time,The atmosphere of the entire path has also changed。 It is like a quiet in the storm,Give people a storm-like depression。 Spring is coming to autumn,Fighting star shift。 Blink,Five years this is like this。 Three days! There are still three days,Five Series will kick off Shengshi。 […]

In Lu Hao,She has already conscious of Music Xi.。

“OK then,You are working together,Nine cattle also pulls back to you,I will let Little Jun give you a dish, you like to eat.,You don’t have to do dinner.,Eat some things to eat。” “Um,OK,Thank we, our family.,Really take care of people。”Blue Xin smiled brightly,Her eyes are both gentle and happiness.。 really,In terms of life,Le Zhenxi gives her that solid and wide,Warm […]

The ancient hole is inscribed a few words.。

“Life and death!” NS995chapter Belle “Life and death。”Life and death emperors look at this hall,His face is gloomy,Going directly into the cave.。 Life and death round。 It’s like really entering the reincarnation.。 An ancient vicissitudes sounded:“How do you hurt??” “Be siege。”Life and death emperor。 “Chaotic sword,Xuanyuanjian,Magic lotus,There is also a power,It seems to be a rural waste!”The voice of […]

When Tang Jing is talking to his eyes,This is to let people around those people,The more you look, the more you feel very funny.。

But carefully,They fate more,Looks like this,It seems that there is not much problem。 But this look,In fact, their hearts are deep,The more I want to feel it.,Such a thing,In itself,Don’t don’t have much problem。 But front,Deng Long became this scene,He is very urgent。 If this is like this now,So next,He must have doubt。 So next,Deng Long has never tangled so […]

The old man is obviously sold,“Master I have no wish,Biggest wish,As long as you can don’t fall behind this Waton,The master is satisfied.。”

Zhenlong smile,“Master you don’t play。” The old face is stiff,Just anger,Taoism,“Thousands of people is really strong,But he can’t play me.。” “what?” Old people,Hawoo stared at Xiao fat,“Not yet played,How do you know that you can play you??” “Because I can break his three-way Xuanjia defense.……” “real?” Old man instantly ecstatic。 …… Wooden system。 A vast valley,Baicao Fengmao,Qingquan flows,Bird flower,Various […]