Qin Feng, who was kicked out of the gate, casually came to the flower bed under a building and sat down。

In fact, although this is a commercial city,But there will be many unemployed people。What to do if I lose my job in the United States?Get relief!Like now,Qin Feng just sat down,Then I found a man sitting next to him holding a pile of instant noodles。 “What are you looking at,Haven’t you seen any relief??” “amount.” Qin Feng didn’t despise anyone,The […]

“Ha ha,You poorbī)You are qualified to fight against me。I think you are very pitiful,Do you want to give you a few thousand yuan to take a taxi back??wrong,Here is the sea,Is there a sea taxi?Haha!”

Qin Feng continued to mock,And the guests around him basically frowned。Because they think Qin Feng is a bit arrogant。 but,But they can only look at it like this,But I can’t say anything。 after all,Qin Feng seems to be a bit prosperous,At least so far I have won hundreds of thousands of chips。As for the others,Can be like Qin Feng“Record”But very […]

And Liu Zhimin is the captain of this team of security personnel,He usually stays in the company’s R&D department,This time I was called by Ning Xichen,Finally, because Yunji Island’s medicinal materials are of great importance,But Gan Yifan doesn’t cooperate much,Ning Xichen had to send him out。

Ning Xichen introduced him with“assist”,Gan Yifan doesn’t understand the difference,I just feel that I am valued,But it doesn’t feel good in his ears。 No more words,After knowing each other,Six people began to wear,Ning Xichen also returned to the cabin to do her business。 Gan Yifan didn’t bother them,The machete has not been polished for a while,Dip some water and sharpen […]

“Can’t I practice by myself?”Gan Yifan frowned。

“No way,If you really don’t want others to get too close to you,I’ll tell Coach Lu to keep your distance while coaching you。” “Ok。” Gan Yifan reluctantly responded,Go to the fight hall,I accidentally saw Ning Tao and Tong Xu coming out of the fighting gym。 “You guys come here to exercise。”Gan Yifan says hello。 Ning Tao nodded,Perfunctory。 “I talked about […]

“666,Don’t want to talk a thousand times~”

And this is only more than ten minutes of video,In just three hours,Reposted more than one million times,Likes more than half a million,More than 100,000 comments。 Various topics circulate on the blog,Some bigvReposted this video specifically,Invisibly played a role in fueling the flames。 And the fans of the official blog of the show group yearning,It has skyrocketed from hundreds of […]

Huo Rongxuan stiffened for a moment,But soon it was relieved,Let go of Shen Han’s hand and let him play around。

(Process omission) Shen Han has something in mind,Huo Rongxuan is also in a complicated mood,I finally let it out,This love between two people may not enjoy it。 Shen Han lay on the bed exhausted,I haven’t waited for him to get over,I heard Huo Rongxuan’s cold voice above:“Satisfied??” Shen Han sat up puzzled,Seeing Huo Rongxuan, there is no temperature in his […]

I bought a watch last year!

Sato of Dog Day,You are too insidious, right??! To threaten me Qiao Tianyu,Actually took one“Mentally retarded”Make a threat! Do you have any damn conscience?! Dog day,Don’t fall into Lao Tzu’s hands,Lao Tzu will break you into pieces! “What’s the matter?!” Seeing Qiao Tianyu’s reaction,Rubin is sure that Qiao Tianyu must know this,Angrily pointed at Qiao Tianyu and asked。 “It’s Junji […]

For a time,Bi Xiushan is full of entanglement,Look like a poop。

Qian Datong also saw the compass,Did not take a closer look,But see the wood,I know the material is good。What a pity!Be one step ahead。 “It’s you?”He also noticed,It’s the one who got in just now。 this time,They pick peaches again? Hu Yang playing haha:“Uncle,I didn’t expect us to be destined,meet again。” vertex ———— Chapter Two Hundred and Forty One Life […]

Xiao Fan and Fan Lao had a brief chat and then left Greenwood Villa,He doesn’t want to drive now,Teleport is generally used。

Xiao Fan always doesn’t know how to meet Lin Yoona,In what way,In what state,So he went firstcbase。 He appeared oncAt the gate of the base,The men were stunned,It took a few seconds to say hello, boss,Xiao Fan nodded,Walk into the house。 Shen Lin and Yiming are discussing in the conference room,I don’t know anything about Xiao Fan’s return,The subordinates are […]


Urban area,Zhang Yihua’s good mood is destroyed,The old man in his department asked him to go out for a drink,Drank a lot,Spit out bitter water。The project they are responsible for,I have been busy for more than two months,When the contract is about to be successful,Someone from the company picks peaches。 therefore,The bonus for this project is gone。 “You just messed […]