Bob and Anderson straightened their chests subconsciously。

Become the master engineer of Chrysler Automobiles,Enough to prove that their IQ and abilities are all right,I just heard what Chen Geng said,The two of them wondered why no one thought about selling used cars like this,Nima,Think about it,Selling used cars like Mr. Fernandez,Definitely more than the current way of selling cars used by car dealers,Mr. Fernandez said they are […]

But what Lin Yoona doesn’t know is,All these changes stem from Xiao Fan’s own efforts,If it wasn’t for Xiao Fan to work so hard to make his own business,Will not be favored by Liu Chunlan。

So come to today,In fact, they are all outstanding personal abilities of Xiao Fan,Actually Lin Yoona is also very happy for Xiao Fan。 But now she just feels that everyone around her is constantly changing,It seems she is the only one who stays in place,Never keep up with others。 This sense of gap brought him a lot of confusion,There is […]