He stood up immediately,Hold Populus euphratica with both hands:“thank,Thank you so much。It’s better than donations,I will report,There should be a TV station……”

Hu Yang interrupted him quickly:“No need to,No need to!Don’t disturb the media。Don’t make our information public,Very troublesome。As long as this money,Can be used in practice,We can rest assured。” Finished,Hu Yang looks at Wen Wenhao:“He is your local,There will be trouble in the nursing home in the future,Can contact him,Such as the shortcomings,Let’s think of a way。” Wen Wenhao nodded:“Wei Lao,I […]

And now he picked it up,It is also related to scholars,Is a folded map。Essential things for ancient students to study abroad,Also known as“Path through”。

“Ancient map,Too sketchy。”Hua Zi glanced。 On the map,Just some lines with short answers,Some famous places are marked on the route,Such as what mountain、What lake wait。 “This is also called the Earth Classic,Ancient literati usually bring one when they go out to study,Determine a general direction。Although this picture looks simple,But the ancient road system is not complicated,Basically no problem。”Hu Yang said […]

“Even if you want to go,I won’t let you go。”

“You are my secretary,If you go,Where can I find someone who cares about me like you?” “I know you care and mess up。I’m not really angry with you。” “I just think you didn’t know anything。” “Why do you think it’s all my fault in wishful thinking??Lin Yoona didn’t come to question me with these photos。” “Do you know what she […]

With this I don’t know8:1still is12:1Model appeared on the table,The eyeballs of a group of old men in the conference room are all staring out!

This is a very different from the familiar American muscle sports car、Looks like a smart roadster,Adopt a two-seater design,Cute and cute,Especially the round pair、Bounce light,Is the finishing touch,When the pair of jumping lights are turned on,The entire front face is outlined with an obvious smiling face,With red body,That’s so cute and cute。 There are also many female executives in Fernandez,Even […]

only,Shen Ziyao also didn’t expect,at this time,Group manager,Heavenly King Hexi,More panic than her group owner,Still at a loss!

As the first group of people who entered the chat group of the heavens, Hexi,Because of strength,After the group members vote for the group leader,Also blocked as an administrator by the group owner。 After a month of contact,I also know what kind of existence the Zhutian chat group is,Soon to get along with the members。 Nowadays,Newcomers in the group,Hexi naturally […]

“OK,Buy fish,Grandpa invites you to eat something delicious。”

“Thank you grandpa。” “No way!” The old lady doesn’t object to the father raising goldfish,It’s a good thing to have a hobby when you are old,Feed baby,Change water,Watching different species of goldfish swimming around in the water,Will be in a good mood。 What she opposed was that he took the little granddaughter。 The flower, bird and fish market looks beautiful […]

“This is Brother Menglin,My big brother!Call someone!”Zheng Xiaofu was still stunned when he saw his brothers,I keep looking at the girl she brought,Turned around and kicked with anger,Yelled。

“Menglin brother!Good brother!”Seven or eight strong boys under Zheng Xiaofu shouted in unison。 Lu Menglin couldn’t laugh or cry suddenly,I thought I’m not a socialist,Do you need this? Wang Shaoxiao is quite complacent,Chest up,I was afraid that no one would see him。Especially Lu Menglin said that the Porsche is his car just now,Makes him extra face。 “Ha ha!”Kim So Yeon […]

“You don’t want to wait for them to lose both,Let’s clean up the mess again?Or you just want to let go,Put Chen Jiannan’s fool on top。Besides,I can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t do it,Let them get out of hand。”Lu Menglin’s words are like a knife,Slash the chaos。

Jiang Qi was so cold and sweaty,Surprised。 to be honest,The routines Lu Menglin said,It’s not that he didn’t think about it,And the current situation,In the eyes of Lu Menglin,It really looks like this。 Jiang Qi I want to get out of the rivers and lakes,You just need to shrink,Let Chen Jiannan take his place,And then it’s enough to be annexed […]

“Yes!I have come to hand in the paper。Lu Xiaodi,Listen to your words,Winning ten years of reading,I will rely on you to lead us to eat。”Yao bald smiled faintly,Answered。

“what,Are you people in Beijing so educated??Boss Yao spoke to me in such a wrinkled tone,I’m almost getting goose bumps。”Lu Menglin smiled。 “Boss Lu,You can talk to you in any tone you like!Anyway from now on,My brothers and I are following you!” Yao bald head laughed。 “Did you all hear clearly?Call Lu Ge!”Yao bald head waved his arms,Shouted loudly。 “Brother […]