That’s why the two of them didn’t go back to visit their parents for nearly a month.,Thinking of this, Lin Yoona feels that her time planning is unreasonable。

If you plan your time well,This way you can better accompany your loved ones,And be able to do their job well,So in fact, many times people are not so glamorous on the surface。 Maybe many people envy the lives of Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona,Worry-free,And can do what you want,Occasionally go out for a trip,Then do something that I think […]

Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty Nine Happy fan

When a few people arrived at the villa,Old Fan stood at the door to greet them,Saw three cars coming at once,I think this villa is going to be lively again,Feel very happy。 Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner got out of the car,Say hello to Fan Lao,Shen Lin and Su Ran rushed directly to Old Fan,Hug and hug him,Then smiled and […]

“Then come to Sister Fang。”

Talking room,A van is coming,One man and one woman down from above,Come to Sister Fang:“Sister Fang,It’s this little girl?” Sister Fang nodded,Then leaned down,Gentle said to the little girl:“Okay with this brother and sister first?Auntie will go back later,Many younger siblings play with you over there!” Nursery teacher,Is a young lady around twenty years old,Laugh so close。 She came over,Pull […]

“Please rest assured,I hope Wushuang is not someone who doesn’t know the generality,Besides, even if the Old City Lord can come back from the dead,Faced with such a situation, I will definitely choose this way。”

This secret conversation between the two,Others don’t know。Within the next two days,May the Lord pretend to be a okay person,Dealing with matters after the disaster conscientiously。 Arrange for the Captives of Qicheng to rebuild the Sword City,The spoils of the receiver city。Entertain other friendly forces who came to visit,Appease the disciples in Jianzhu City,Everything is done in order。 Under the […]

Lin Shaofen put it down immediately,No interest anymore。

Even true,Bought more than 20,000,What’s the use?She won’t make a profit at all,Have no interest in own collection。 Even the audience in the live broadcast room felt that the stall owner was opening his mouth,A stall,Dare to ask for more than 20,000。People have this money,To visit your stall?I went to the antique shop a long time ago,At least the items […]

Since I got it all,Sister Fei, the proprietress, doesn’t hide it,Tell everyone:“this painting,It is the work of the famous Japanese master Katsushika Hokusai,One million is definitely worth。”

The president of their city’s antique association heard,Also stunned,They didn’t think about foreign painters!No wonder,No one can recognize whose work it is。 “What i said!” “It turned out to be a Japanese work,but,Who is this Katsushika Hokusai??” “Are you an outsider??Katsushika Hokusai does not know?” …… The most depressed,It is undoubtedly the Korean Kim Sung-ki。If the eyes can kill people,That […]

A good weapon can affect the life of a warrior!

Facing such a powerful Xia Chenglong,These foreign elders are already going crazy,Caught by this guy,It’s impossible to resist! These guys start to break through desperately,I don’t care about the people around me,Soaring into the sky,I want to get out of the big camp in Qicheng,These guys are just people who come to get money,There are a few guys who are […]

“What exactly is going on?What’s wrong with the altar?”Gao Dajin does not care about the relationship between these boys and girls,What’s more worrying about everyone’s return。

Huang Shaotian shook his head,Tao:“I am not too clear,I realized that the condition of this altar is different from what I know,Can’t sense the breath of the bright dragon god,I just want to try to investigate。” “Fortunately, you still know that people call Lord Wuhao,Otherwise you’ll be finished first!”Gao Dajin shook his head and smiled bitterly。 “Lord Wuhao!I think,I should […]