Xia Jian glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“What you did,It looks tired and dirty,But a fat poor。Hu Huiru can take care of you,This shows that the relationship between you is not thin”

“Use each other。Rich people don’t care,Only money in eyes”When Wang Youcai said this,,Sighed secretly。 Xia Jian glanced at his watch and said:“All right,My task is finally completed。You ghost place,I said nothing will come again” “That’s hard to say,Don’t you think what can be done in this place?”Wang Youcai said coldly。 Hu Huiru told him that,What can you do? Xia Jian […]

Eighteen clones,A deity!

But this is just the effect of barely mastering this method。 Theoretically,With the continuous in-depth mastery of this magical power,The degree of integration will increase。 If you really reach this level to completion,Any two avatars、Three Clone、Quadrants can be integrated。 Gather most of the clones to form a body with outstanding combat power,At the same time retain several ordinary clones。 such,While […]

“it’s me!”

I heard Jing Fawu’s voice,Chen Xiu quickly closed his fists。 “Come in,lower the volume,The guards are gambling on the second floor,Don’t disturb them!” The two got in through the gap in the door,Chen Xiu couldn’t help but complain:“Lying,You can just climb up and watch the door,Just go around the back and climb up,Why let us walk for nothing!” “Not let […]

“Family members?”

Christina doesn’t believe it,With such close family members? “Believe it or not!It’s late,Let’s go back……” Fang Yu got on the car,I don’t want to bother about Christina。 this problem,Can’t explain at all! Furthermore,Fang Yu doesn’t need to talk to Christina。 “Give me a ride!I came by taxi……”Christina got in the car,Looking at Fang Yu with a smile。 Fang Yu nodded,Drove […]


Mountainous top,altar,Stone statue。 Liao Wenjie is responsible for wind,JackieThrow steel rope,Slide to the top of the altar,Remove the sword easily,Benefit in Liao Wenjie。 The two people down the mountain,Say quietly,No horror, no insurance, sitting on the off-road vehicle,Ready to pass through the plain,Drink down the next city。 Do a thief for many years,JackieExperience,Have a black experience,Deeply understand a truth。 The […]

See someone rewards gifts,Zhou Qiansheng did not understand what conditions。

“These rewards,Don’t brush again,I just don’t have a gift.。” Zhou Qiaoxiao said this,The barrage is another piece“Express”。 “bosses,Everyone understands,Women say no,Actually, it is。” “Yup,All express,You have to work hard.。” “I just said that I have said it.,Our flowers will not be heartbroken,Only gifts can you feel。” Looking at the rhythm that is biased,Zhou Qiaoqi is also speechless。 “I can tell […]

It was the nineties,Many people at work have only a few hundred yuan a month,Wang San’s wallet has never been more than ten dollars,Hearing a whistle will earn one thousand yuan in income,He felt stunned by the pie falling from the sky。

———— 226 Take a step to speak One thousand yuan,But an astronomical number,You can buy 500 packs of cigarettes for two yuan a pack,You can eat 500 bowls of plain noodles for two yuan a bowl,Just think about it,How could you not nod,“Ok,Sister Na,I took this job,All follow your arrangements!” “it is good,That `s a deal,”Fang Na smiled,“Time wait for […]

“Master Lu,It’s so unusual!”Zhao Ping can only praise sincerely。

“second round,I will intersperse the password,Or until the enemy sniper is killed……Once the opposing sniper is killed,Please Zhang Song cooperate with the second team to attack immediately!” “Master?Don’t you need me to protect you this time??”Zhang Song asked。 “You are so embarrassed to say!Just now, the military instructors almost attacked us successfully!I suspect you are the same as you……”Shunzi started […]

Then I squeezed the potion from a small bottle with a needle,Ready to pour it into Qin Hao’s water bottle。

suddenly,Qin Hao’s body strongly warned。 then,Qin Hao felt the strong killing intent on the two of them and the breath of military career。 There is still a touch of inability to dissolve**taste。 These are two special forces,How strong is Qin Hao’s perception,He can never feel wrong。 One of them is preparing to inject medicine into Qin Hao’s water bottle。 At […]

Guan Tingna looked at Xia Jian,Asked softly。

Xia Jian nodded and said:“done,But I have to find a way to go up these days,Sending up later will be very risky。Hey!Really troublesome,Exhausted” “You are indeed a little tired driving back and forth by yourself,How about this!Next time I go,Bring Satsuki on,It will be easier for you two to switch on。Then I won’t bother you,Take a shower and sleep,Let’s talk […]