If there is one side,That is likely to be a landslide.!

“Luoyang……Shouldn’t hit it?。” Wei Xia wangee and said。 Yu Wenyi is still very urgent,Even afraid of Gao Xiaoyu’s policy,The terrain of Luoyang,For Zhou Rang, very disadvantageous!Just him is not an emperor,It’s nothing to say.。 He walked down the city,Ready to go to the city opposite the cliff,I didn’t expect Xin Decheng that just left.,Running a hurry,The air is not allowed。 […]

Ocean sprinkle a bunch of problems,After the question,Zhaoshan Huangquan eyes burns to Liao Jie,I hope to get answers from his mouth.。

“I tell the truth,You will believe?” “meeting,As long as you tell the truth。” Lushan Huangquan uses the hardest beauty,Blushing:“Father has arranged a marriage for us.,At most least, let me see your true face.。” “Such as a fake,Do not include any fraudulent ingredients。” Liao Jie shrugged,Before two steps,Run your hand on the Yanyan Huangquan head:“Don’t always hang the marriage,I don’t know […]

Whiteboard is a little hate, just being sent a little girl to fall,At this time, the yin and yang said:“Why is Lu Xion??I heard that I heard,Transferring flower palace to join Zhengzheng,I don’t even know that there is a flower son.,I want to pass the rumor,Zhengzheng will have a criminal hero?”

Previous time before the light,The Chu Deirers are indeed a vernacular.,Invitation month, there is no agreement,actually……Nothing now! In the case of not exposed the pity at the time,Flower is more likely to be inexplicable,When he walks in Jiangnan,Someone inquiry,Flower is not natural“have no idea”。 However, now…… I am deer people answer,On the side of the month, see the whiteboard.,Aim、Sitial only […]

Secretary Wang, who has always been separated from Xia Jian,He took Xia Jian’s hand and said:“I’ll leave Xiping Village to you,I believe you definitely have this ability,Develop Xiping Village into a provincial model village“

“Thank you Secretary Wang,But I found that Mayor Ma didn’t like me to be the head of Xiping Village?“Xia Jian asked with a smile。 Secretary Wang snorted coldly:“You, the village chief, was elected by the people of Xiping Village,What does she disagree with。The key is to get results。Don’t worry,I will retire in two years,But if I’m still in Xiping Village,Absolutely […]

How could he have that kind of killing intent?

Does that killer’s trick affect?? Ran it《Ao Yuan Jue》,Fang Yu felt that killing intent gradually diminished。 Fang Yu saw the drugstore safe and sound,Relieved。 Fang Yu is in arms now《Ao Yuan Jue》,Better grasp of some things。 “Brother……” When Fang Yu was going back,See the younger sister not far away。 “How will you be here?Wouldn’t it happen to pass by again?……”Fang […]

Until dawn,The two went to sleep quietly。When Xia Jian opened his eyes,He found the sun had come in from under the curtain。Air conditioning in the house,It’s cool and so comfortable。

Only then did Xia Jian think of Gu Yue,He hurriedly got up,But there is Gu Yue’s shadow in the room。Xia Jian jumped out of bed,Took a look at the phone,My days,It’s past ten o’clock,It’s really weird if Gu Yue doesn’t leave。 Think about when I am unemployed again,Xia Jian fell on the bed a little depressed。He has to take a […]

“roll!”Do not know why,Li Tianchou was extremely disgusted when he saw such so-called internal security personnel,This reminded him of too many unpleasant experiences,Whether from the earliest Phoenix Group,Still the same color afterwards,Even Chadok, who was just in distress,This kind of thug who can’t get on the table makes him abhorrent,So I don’t give my little brother any face,I missed the old feelings without raising my leg and kicking.。

“Lee,Li Dangjia……”Xie Dabao’s distinctive round face appeared in front of Li Tianchou,He obviously didn’t recognize the situation,I also think that by virtue of his directorship, his three-inch tongue sleeve is almost,Ease the tension。 But he didn’t expect that the other party suddenly covered his face with a big hand,Spit with strength,Xie Dabao couldn’t help but back again and again,Banged against […]

office,Liao Jie pushed the door,In-house,Two white gold,Three long hair is tied to the chair,Silent and silent。

Wild scorpion,Tripathy,Confirm that there is no face seen on wanted order,By the way, the brow is tight。 “what happened,Have you know acquaintance?” “Do not,I’m curious,What kind of organization is,Talent per capita girl beauty。” The wild is quite wonderful,Three captive per capita pigments,Liao Jie is looking at people?? Think of this,She is suspected:“to be honest,Is your girlfriend that you hook other […]

Chu Deirers heard a word——indeed,Seventy years ago,Zhang Zhen people are also three or forty years old,Justify。

It is understanding Tai Chi、Defeat the joy,After that, I closed my thoughts.,Think……“Si Lingzhi”Is the second experience package! But so much,It is also no wonder“Si Lingzhi”So strong。 Estimate his age,Not from Zhang Zhen,Football more than 100 years old,And there is also an adventure,70 years ago, I escaped in Zhang Zhen people.,I dare to come out in the past ten years.,In addition […]

“Hey-hey,Scull,Theoretically,According to this momentum, you can mature a week.。”

I heard Li Hui Feng said this.,All the people present are surprised。 “Xiao Li,Then what kind of research results can be sold to us,We also use it,Then you can make money directly.。” “Hey-hey,uncle,Now I don’t have so much in my hands.,And you also saw me this is a hundred acres of orchard.,All over,Waiting for me to get it next time,Men […]