That’s why I retired to the National Teacher??

“Yun Zi,Your situation is not right,Change to some weak people,May not live for a few years。”Zhu Minglang’s brows tightened。 “Those you said,I think about it。”Li Yunzi said with a small smile。 “Why don’t you tell me first,You are hurt?” “clear……” Zhu Minglang heard Li Yunzi’s lips almost in his ears。 But Yunzi Lai is not talking to herself something that […]

“Book month,Confinement is exquisite,Must have a full moon to go out,You are not full moon yet,Go to work,The body can’t stand it。”Cousin said。

“Have to do business,No way。”Xia Shuyue said helplessly。 “What about the kid?Someone needs to take it,He still needs milk。”Xia Qiuping asked。 “Take it to work,What else。”Xia Shuyue said。 “Definitely not,You still walk a bit,I don’t stand very securely,How to hold the baby,How to work?Tell boss Zhang,You rest a few more days,Any deduction is fine,Can’t spoil the body。”Xia Qiuping strongly opposed。 […]

This question really stumped Xia Jian,He really didn’t know how to answer。

Zhou Li suddenly laughed:“Don’t make it difficult,I was joking with you。I know you are not married at all,I’m not the only girl who has had a relationship with you,If you want to marry,Don’t you become the emperor,Don’t talk about 72 concubines,At least Sannomiya and the Sixth Institute have it?“ Zhou Li laughed to herself,Xia Jian listened to her,Suddenly felt,I was […]

“thank you,Officer Xu……”

“Call my brother!Atian!” Officer Xu slammed the file on the bedside table,His name is“Xu Hai”,Is a senior case inspector。Simultaneously,Xu Tian’s brother。 “brother……The old man called you?” “Is not,I rushed over when I heard that you had an accident in the underground lane!The vehicle that caused the accident was an unlicensed white7Commercial vehicle,The driver has absconded,Camera is damaged,Investigation and evidence collection […]

“I’ll clean up the house for you,You should also sleep early!”Chen Yueqin closed the door,And said to Wang Youcai。

When Wang Youcai was about to return to the house,,But I heard my father Wang Degui shout:“Rich!Come up here,I want to talk to you” Wang Youcai hesitated,Turned around and went into the upper room。On the big Kang in the upper room,Cleaned up,Wang Degui is lying behind the kang and smoking his dry smoke,The house is full of a good smell […]

As for Qingxu Jianxian?I won’t need his help for a while,As the youngest sword fairy in the entire Winter Palace,Qingxu’s body has more treasures than them。

The monstrous Hunyuan water,Turned into dozens of water dragons,Strangling to Tianxian Chi’er。 Tianxian Chi’er, who revealed his identity, also sneered,Chang Ying tightly surrounds the Qingxu Sword Immortal,And his white hand is like a jade wave,A jade bracelet suspended in the void。 The white shimmer appears on the jade bracelet,Then suddenly broke out and stopped the water of Hunyuan。 “boom~”A flash […]

Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty One Infighting

The day before,Right in front of the open space,Hu Dehai witnessed one‘senior’,Dragged out of the iron cage like a dog,After the body was pierced with two tubes of light blue injection,Crazy like demonized,Attack all designated living creatures,Until I’m exhausted。 Because of the angle and shading,Hu Dehai didn’t see the man’s face clearly,But there is always a feeling of deja vu,Can’t […]

Lu Hao became a few words,It’s blocked by Blue Xin.。

Her slim body,Sitting in front of him,Some Linglong Small,Wavy-shaped big volume is very soft,Those who are eyebrows and beautiful,Eye paint black,At this moment, I was confused.。 Lu Hao is also quiet and opposed。 Just a calm,Confused。 Blue Xin’s silent collection,Have you have room for choice?? She is shallow:“it is good!Tomorrow’s dinner,I will always go with the land.。” Blue Xin finished,Get […]

Because Li Cuihua knows the price of the maintenance liquid,A bottle of 500,Now that the other party says it will send,Fruit is the big boss。

The hand of the person,Eat people’s mouth。 soon,Li Cuihua will help Qin Yuqi together with Qin Ya.。 As for Li Hui, it is directly to be dried outside.。 “Small,You can’t stay in this well.,How do you think about it?。” “Cuihua sister,I have encountered some trouble in the city.,No place to hide,Just knowing Li Hui Feng,Let him help,Then come to your […]