Say goodbye to the fuel truck! Hainan is ready?

  At the National New Office Press Conference, Secretary of Hainan Provincial Party Committee Liu Yizui mentioned that Hainan will build "clean energy island", and will no longer sell fuel cars in 2030. Currently, what is this goal advance? What demonstrates will be played in the country? Science and Technology Daily reporter interviewed this.   In the field, stage accelerated promotion of […]

Traditional travel agency’s epidemic launched "Fancy" self-rescue

  Online sales, customized products, storage in the traditional travel agency, "Fancy" self-rescue Guangming Daily reporter Yao Yaqi "May 1" holiday, the attractions of the country, the scenic spots, the scenic spot is open, the tourism market ushered in a wave of temperature. However, the industry in the industry in the industry in the industry has not been completely in the […]

The 7th Chongqing "High-tech Cup" public creation competition is officially started

  People’s Network Chongqing August 30 (Hu Hong) Recently, the Tenth China Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Chongqing Division) and the 7th Chongqing High-tech Competition (Chongqing Division) and the 7th Chongqing High-tech Zone Management Committee The high-tech cup "public creation contest officially opened, 143 projects in the main sect", compete for 30 project finals. According to reports, the current competition officially registered on […]

Shanxi real estate transfer registration business will achieve 3 working days in 2020

  Original title: Our province’s real estate transfer registration business will achieve 3 working days, on November 7, the evening reporter learned from the Provincial Natural Resources Department, in order to let the people "less running legs" "zero-sports", provincial natural resources hall and province The Housing and Construction Department, the Taxation Bureau, the Provincial Administrative Examination and Approval Service Administration jointly […]

Renovation of stubborn Shandong Province strictly implemented three provisions of the judicial "three regulations"

Original title: Renovation of horses and sorrowful mountains and strict implementation of the three provisions of the Judicial implementation of the intervention, "In June this year, the Qingdao Huangdao District Court conducted a case of investment for compensation for compensation, and the Judge Zhao Gui Xiu recorded the case of others. Fill in the "three provisions" record report platforms and […]

School History to open a new bureau to create "clean Yining"

"2021, we must unswervingly carry out its oversight dedicated, give prominence to political oversight, advancing the style construction, solidify and deepen the special treatment, efforts to enhance the quality and efficiency of inspections, with a more practical measures to promote the ‘three no’ one, unwavering positive wind Su Ji anti-corruption efforts to build ‘clean Yining’. "in the city of Yining […]