Country revitalization to see Guangdong 丨 decoding "12221" – Guangdong agricultural products hot rural revitalization "new password"

  Xinhua Net Guangzhou March 9th (Lu Jian) Xu Weijie is fire.This year, I went into the market, I was hot, and the Tiandou acquisition price reached a pound. Recently, Xu Wei pineapple not only slammed hot search, but also on high-speed rail, "1 every 3 Chinese pineapple comes from Xu Wen" and other topics. Why Xuwen pineapple fire? March 8, […]

2020 Zhejiang Network Security Promotion Week will be held on September 14

  Xinhuanet Hangzhou September 9 (Song Yue) September 9th, 2020 Zhejiang Province and Ningbo Network Security Publicity Week Media Volume will be held in Hangzhou, and the meeting introduced the theme, content and highlights of this year’s publicity week event.   According to reports, the national network security propaganda Zhou was founded in 2014, held in the third week of September, has […]

470.000 Brief geschreven aan een persoon

  In de tentoonstellingsruimte van "Lei Feng", naast de brief, toont het ook de White Harda, het Mongoolse weven van Tibet, de rode sjaal van Qinghai Tui-kinderen, evenals Jiangsu Wuxi’s modder en Nanjing’s regenbloemsteen .. . Dit is het land in het hele land, en mensen uit alle lagen van het leven worden gemaild naar "Lei Feng". Elke brief, elk souvenir […]

Beijing Daxing International Airport Comprehensive Bonded Area is about to apply for start sealing inspection

People’s Daily News September 28th, from Beijing Daxing International Airport, the Management Committee of China (Langfang) Management Committee, Beijing Daxing International Airport Comprehensive Bonded Zone is about to start sealing inspection. It is understood that Beijing Daxing International Airport is a comprehensive bonded area of ??the only cross-provincial and municipal construction in Hebei Province and Beijing. The bonded area planned […]

China Disabled Persons’ Federation ensures that rural poverty disabled people can’t get rid of poverty

Multi-form flexibility to carry out the National Help Disabled Activities "National Help Day" activities have begun since 1991 and have so far been thirtieth. Recently, 12 related departments such as the China Disabled Persons’ Federation and the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Civil Affairs jointly introduced the "Notice on Conducting the Thirty National Help Remnant Day". The notice […]

SPD crack medical supplies management problems

  · Hunan Daily Hunan new clients reporter Li Zhi "I found in the work of the meaning of life, ‘all health services for the people’ is not a slogan. "October 17, Xiangya Hospital, Central South University, SPD (medical supplies management) project librarian Caoyu Xuan told reporters. Medical supplies SPD management is a typical modern lean management model produced under the […]

Communicatie Chongqing South Bank Branch en de politie join de handen om Telecom Fraude te blokkeren

  Politie en zilveren samenwerking onderschepte telecom fraude. Communicatie Chongqing Branch De klantenservicemanager die wordt uitgewisseld en geruild om de klant te stabiliseren; de boekhoudkundige leiding geeft contact op met de tak om contact op te nemen met de politieagent en een situatie te melden. Nadat de politie is opgegeven en besloten om te arresteren, werkte het filiaalpersoneel samen met elkaar, […]

Sichuan Province strengthens and innovates urban and rural community governance work conference to convene demonstrations to promote urban and rural community governance innovation

  On November 2, the province strengthened and innovated urban-rural community governance work conference held in Chengdu, emphasized that the "urban and rural community construction demonstration project" is focusing on bringing, to promote construction, demonstration to promote the province’s urban and rural community governance innovation Overall improvement. Deputy Governor Chen Wei attended the meeting and speaking.   The meeting pointed out that […]

Strengthen monitoring and warning this winter, Sichuan forest grassland fire prevention situation is grim

People’s Network Chengdu December 25 (Zhu Hong) On December 23, the Sichuan Forest Grassland anti-extinguishing fire work video dispatching meeting was held. It is reported that Sichuan will enter a comprehensive fire during January 1, 2021. Compared with previous years, most of the provinces in Mingchun in the whole year are more serious, Sichuan will continue to carry out hidden […]