Just as Qin Feng

A little depressed don’t know what to docāo)When doing,Qiao Shan couldn’t help but find Qin Feng,“Qin Feng,Did you get the support of the pharmacist??If so,Should Yao Xiaoqin be recalled by the famous pharmacist??”
“Ok,Also working hard here。It shouldn’t take long,The pharmacist will send someone。”In fact, Qin Feng greeted Yao Changsheng and Yao Lier when he left.。
After the battle,The pharmacist is already hurt,There are not many strong ones。Even among the six ancient tribes,Their pharmacist went from ranking first to the last。
Fortunately, the Six Ancients of Kunlun are friendly,It won’t be eaten away just because other ancient races weaken。
“How long will it take!Yao Xiaoqin has started to act,But think about it,A girl became a vassal of a family。What conditions did she give!”Qiao Shanbiao is very convulsive,Obviously infatuated with Yao Xiaoqin。
Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Nine Intelligence man
“Yao Xiaoqin treats you this way,You still care about her so much?”Qin Feng puzzled。
At this moment, Qiao Shan looked haggard,“I don’t want to,But I can’t help but think of her,I can’t even hate。I know I’m afraid I’m holding this girl deeply,Even if he keeps hurting me。Is this the legendary offenseàn)?”
“Do not,this is not。But the crowd**Silk。”Qin Feng shook his head in denial。
Seeing Qin Feng’s holy appearance,Qiao Shan hugged Qin Feng’s thigh directly,“Big brother,Can you teach me?I really want to be with her。Besides,You promised me before,Will let Yao Xiaoqin stay with me。”
Qin Feng hesitated after hearing this,“Or,How about we tied her tonight?”
Qin Feng said so,There are more exaggerated jokes。of course,From his point of view,He just casually said to comfort Qiao Shan。
Who knew the latter took it seriously!
“This one,If we go to tie,What is the success rate?”Qiao Shan looked at Qin Feng。