Chapter Forty One Members of the prehistoric group join the group
“Lord group,Can you tell us the difference between the technological world and our fairy gods?”
Three planes of fairy sword,After Jingtian saw the group leader online,Curiously asked。
“Tech world,It’s actually a kind of forked road,The way of practice goes astray,Weili belongs to itself,And the tech world,It’s that the original world has entered the Age of Doom,And a way out。”
chaos,Li Qiuxian’s light science works,Recalling several technological planes I saw while wandering in Chaos。
“Age of Doom?Thinking about it makes people feel scared。”
Fighting plane,Nalan Yanran spent some time in the Warcraft Mountains,Behead the Warcraft,When practicing self-killing,I noticed that after the owner of the chat group went online,Stopped fighting,Escape quickly,Hide into the chat group,Said。
“Nalan Yanran,long time no see,I heard that there are many warcrafts in your world,If you don’t mind, you can hang in the chat group mall,Let’s try。”
Three planes of fairy sword,After Jingtian saw Nalan Yanran go online,Asked,He said that those spirit beast meats taste different from ordinary beast meat,Can’t help but he doesn’t miss。
“can,I’m already practicing in the Warcraft Mountains,Just a little bit of monster meat。”
Fighting plane,Nalan Yanran looked at her Tier 3 title,I’m already a strong fighter,Higher up is Dou Sheng,After that,Doudi,This state that no one has reached for tens of thousands of years,therefore,I remember that members of the group often sell some special products of their own world on weekdays.,therefore,Nalan Yanran hung the hundreds of beast corpses in her space ring in the chat group mall,Good price。
“Ordinary Little Thousand World,In the world,At least it can absorb the air of chaos from chaos,Transform into heaven and earth aura,but,Once the world falls into the Age of Domination,The whole world will be exhausted,The whole world,There will be no more cultivators,And at this moment,Is the beginning of the technological world,Creatures will consume the resources accumulated in the world for countless years,Within a few hundred years,Enter the age of technology quickly,A wide range of weapons of destruction that ordinary people can use,Also emerge in endlessly,but,If you can’t enter space after the world’s resources are exhausted,,Plunder resources in other worlds,Will destroy with the world。”
chaos,Li Qiuxian thought about it,Concludes,This is also the essence seen from his perspective。
“Tech world,Is it so miserable?This is for the creatures to embark on a path of plunder。”
Three planes of fairy sword,Sedum said with faint emotion。
“and,Man in the tech world,There is no fear of heaven and earth,Solipsism,therefore,If you meet people in the technological world in the future,No matter what they say,Don’t believe it,You don’t regret it then。”