It was the nineties,Many people at work have only a few hundred yuan a month,Wang San’s wallet has never been more than ten dollars,Hearing a whistle will earn one thousand yuan in income,He felt stunned by the pie falling from the sky。

226 Take a step to speak
One thousand yuan,But an astronomical number,You can buy 500 packs of cigarettes for two yuan a pack,You can eat 500 bowls of plain noodles for two yuan a bowl,Just think about it,How could you not nod,“Ok,Sister Na,I took this job,All follow your arrangements!”
“it is good,That `s a deal,”Fang Na smiled,“Time wait for my notice。”
It was a sunny afternoon,Wang San was taken to a parking lot by Fang Na。
Fang Na is not alone,There was a man Wang San didn’t know,The man looks fierce,Wang San looked scared。
Fang Na said to Wang San,“You just stand here and don’t move,We’ll be out in a while,No one in the parking lot,You nod to us,understand?”
Wang San nodded quickly,This is simple,Don’t you just put a whistle。
He doesn’t know what Fang Na is going to do,Parking lot,I’m afraid someone has a baby in his car to steal,Wang San usually does something sneaky,So what I guessed is stealing。
It’s just a thousand yuan commission,I’m afraid it’s a big vote,I thought I could get so much money,He stood in place excitedly,Observe if there are people in the parking lot。
but,Still a little afraid of the unknown,Wang San stayed there nervously for more than two hours,I saw Fang Na and the man just come out with an old man。
Wang San and Fang Na nodded,Old man walks ahead,Fang Na and the man followed closely。
Wait to go to the dark,Wang San saw the man suddenly hit the old man’s chest with a knife,Let him take out the money,But the old man refused to give up,Holding the bag in my hand and not letting go。
Stalemate for a while,Fang Na fought the man left and right,The man stabbed the old man with a knife,Old man fell to the ground,Fang Na took the old man’s bag,And turned over valuable things on him,The two ran out quickly。
Wang San was still standing still,Frightened his legs,Staring at the old man lying on the ground,Fang Na shouted at him,“Run quickly,Why are you standing silly??”