This question really stumped Xia Jian,He really didn’t know how to answer。

Zhou Li suddenly laughed:“Don’t make it difficult,I was joking with you。I know you are not married at all,I’m not the only girl who has had a relationship with you,If you want to marry,Don’t you become the emperor,Don’t talk about 72 concubines,At least Sannomiya and the Sixth Institute have it?“
Zhou Li laughed to herself,Xia Jian listened to her,Suddenly felt,I was in her mind,Is a love prodigal,How many women are there in San Gong Six Courtyard?!He Xia Jian hasn’t reached this point yet。
Zhou Li after smoking,Go back to the bathroom and wash it again,And changed into a very sexy pajamas,Xia Jian originally thought she was going to bed,So he got up and took a bath。
When he comes back,Zhou Li got two glasses of red wine from somewhere,Sitting beside the coffee table waiting for him。
“Your life is very tasteful now,Smoking again,Drinking again。It really makes me a little bit unable to understand you!”Xia Jian said,So he sat down opposite Zhou Li。
What Zhou Li said to Xia Jian,At best,She handed another red cup to Xia Jian and said:“Drink it!Let’s have a good sleep after drinking,I’ll talk about tomorrow”
“No way,You have to promise me first,Let’s go back to Bucheon together,Otherwise I don’t want to drink your wine”Xia Jian said,Put the wine glass in his hand on the coffee table。
Zhou Li came over,Ass twist,Sat on Xia Jian’s lap,She put her arm around Xia Jian’s neck,Holding a wine glass in one hand,Very calmly:”it is good,I’ll go back with you tomorrow,But you have to make sure that before I find my boyfriend,You must give me sex“
This woman has really changed,In this case, she can also tell,Although Xia Jian has this relationship with him,If you speak frankly,He still feels a little embarrassed。
“Look at you,Guan Nian is still so old,Dare to do but dare not say,You tell me,Have you been with Xiao Xiao,And Wang Lin and they all have a bedtime love?“Zhou Li said,In both eyes**Smile。
What’s wrong with this woman?Xia Jian looked at her blankly,Feels like watching a monster。
“You can’t even give me this guarantee,What am i going to do with you?”Zhou Li said,He stood up from Xia Jian’s arms,Twist and walk。