Men’s Conditioning Yoga Fitness


Men’s Conditioning Yoga Fitness

In a quiet atmosphere, the body slowly stretches out after gentle breathing. Yoga for physiotherapy is enough for women, and it also attracts many men to join.

Recently, a kind of men’s physiotherapy, health, yoga and fitness exercises are quietly rising in our city.

  In the fresh night sky, in the 500-square-meter wooden plank blue sky garden of Jianlimei Rose Garden Fitness Center in Chancheng District, men are accompanied by soft music, sometimes moving their spine, sometimes expanding their chests and backs, and sometimes leaning over to fold their bodies .… Although not as flexible as a woman, it is very expensive.

  Mr. Wu from Hong Kong said that because of working at desks for a long time, there is often pain in the waist. I hope to relax by practicing yoga. After a period of practice, I gradually learn to breathe and relax.

  According to the coach Huang Jianqing, experiencing intensified social competition, men’s pressure on work and life has increased, coupled with ordinary entertainment, carelessness and other reasons, chronic diseases of the liver, kidney and stomach often occur.

  Men’s conditioning health yoga fitness is based on the physiological characteristics of men, to strengthen the male respiratory system, digestive system, urinary system, male reproductive system, endocrine system, blood circulation system, exercise system and so on.

It achieves the purpose of relieving the pain by directly stimulating the nervous and muscular systems through some bending and tilting static movements and breathing during movements, and enhances the body’s metabolism. It also adjusts and strengthens the body’s autonomic nerves to enhance the functions of the human organs,To achieve the role of “natural strengthening.”