Building an industrial ecology of independent innovation in the highland intelligence industry

Professor Ye Qixiang, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

People’s Daily reporters are in Kai Ye Qixiang believes that the government, enterprises and colleges, and research institutes can say that the role of "referee" "athletes" and "coaches".

"As the main body of technological innovation, it is necessary to develop a good high-tech, then find suitable, the digital economy under the AI ??can develop, do two aspects of product service and industrialization. Colleges and Institutes have to assume the research and development of basic theories, and even the research institutes of joint enterprises conduct a number of key technologies.

It also has to continuously provide high quality innovative talents for enterprises.

In this process, the government is definitely to do some market supervision, quality supervision, and of course it will accept the supervision of the people. In this process, it should assume the role of the referee. For some markets, the imbalance of investment, the security of technology, I think the government can do a lot.

Accelerating the artificial intelligent application scene landed by Hu Yapo, Wuhan is the first country, the first country, which is approved after the epidemic, is also the first city to build artificial intelligence calculation centers. This project settled in the starting area of ??Donghu Science City, Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone.

The project relies on Huawang to build a Atlas900AI cluster.

Ai can reach 100 p, HPC theory can reach 4P, this project total investment is 100 million, total land area is approximately 7,500 square meters, the building area is 2300 square meters, the current server, network and other core equipment are accelerating the factory, plan this year At the end of the year, it has a business online condition at the end of June. Hu Yapo believes that the current new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change represented by artificial intelligence, the new economy represented by digital economy has become a new power of global economic growth, my country is in the forefront of artificial intelligence technology applications, but In the relative lag of artificial intelligence technology innovation, the construction of common technology platform is to be strengthened.

Wuhan Construction Artificial Intelligence Computing Center is a responsibility to represent the state of the country to actively seize the high science and technology competition.

Hu Yapo pointed out that the artificial intelligence computing center is an important infrastructure in the construction of a new generation of artificial intelligence innovation, building artificial intelligence computing centers, and has important practical significance for urban supplements.

One is that it provides a wealth of application scenarios.

Through the diverse heterogeneous computing platform, multi-element algorithm platform and multiple intelligent applications support the model training and reasoning of artificial intelligence major applications, can be widely used in urban brains, smart medical, smart transportation, network security, etc. Application scenarios.

Second, it can drive industry optimization and upgrading.

Around the construction of this artificial intelligence computing center, the city will focus on building public integration services, innovation, industrial gathering, scientific research innovation and talents training four platforms, using intelligence to enter industrial clusters, enhance artificial intelligence innovation application hatching, Talent training and research innovation speed.

The third is to build a industrial ecosystem. Cultivate artificial intelligent industrial ecology, form a political industry research and industrial ecological alliance, attract artificial intelligence upstream enterprises to settle in, promote the intelligent level upgrade of traditional industries, promote organic update of the industry, iterately upgraded, drive thousands of BRORs and intelligence, accelerate Wuhan artificial The intelligent industry has developed rapidly.

"Since last year, the state has always emphasized the construction of new infrastructure.

This kind of computing infrastructure is also a very important part. "Xu Feng said that the new generation of artificial intelligence has three core elements, one is a force, one is an algorithm, one is data. The artificial intelligence calculation center is an important development direction of artificial intelligence construction, which is covered in infrastructure. The large-scale system engineering of hardware infrastructure and software infrastructure. Relying on the artificial intelligence computing center, you can build a public intelligence service platform, apply innovative incubation platform, industrial aggregation platform, scientific research innovation and talent training platform to form "1 personnel intelligence The artificial intelligent industrial layout of the calculation center + 4 platforms, Eliminating regional industrial clusters. Xu Feng pointed out that the artificial intelligence calculation center still faces high energy density, low enterprise application level, etc., for my country Faced with core technologies such as artificial intelligence chips and frameworks to be subject to human challenges.

Therefore, in the construction of the artificial intelligence calculation center, you need to do top-level design, strengthen overall development, effectively select the autonomous controllable technical route, establish a sound operational mechanism, actively build service platform, and form the management center as the core support Artificial intelligent industrial ecology, accelerating artificial intelligence emerging industrial innovation and development, promoting the depth of artificial intelligence and traditional industries, pulling regional economic transformation and high quality development. (Editor: Cui Yuanyuan, Gao Lei) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.