The whole city is more chaotic before,A large number of refugees began to escape。

Under unattended guidance,Vehicle in the city,pedestrian,All mess up,I ran away from the city。 Governing the law is naturally impossible to put these people out,The civilian runs out.,Can the reverse entropy can use the heavy weapon to open fire?? “what happened,Why is this like this?!” Ye Lai Deal kills from the banquet building from the banquet building,Hanjiang Yugong, another building。 Fu […]

Four kiliers were resolved,As the crowd fled as well as most people without a head,There is also a small number of people to put their eyes in the four people of Hanjiang.。

“Be a man,Why can’t you enter I can’t enter?,I have a lot of things in my house in the house.,What should I do if I have been stealing??”The middle-aged man is quite a chest.。 “Do you want to live?!”Han Jiang said coldly。 Middle-aged men’s neck,“Little fart, do you manage so much?,Step aside!” The crowd outside the chaos slowly resumes […]

“Will n’t learn well well.。”

“Well……” “When did I finish??” “7No。” “That is also fast。” “Yes,Then I will go back to Googa City.。” “It is best to go smoothly.,Others are not good.。” “Yes……” Zhouzhi is not straight and reddish chat,序 序 大 大 特 大 特 吃,Unconscious,The meals on the table have been less than a half.。But I don’t mind,Red dye prepared vegetables are […]

977 Promise Sword Array

The Xuanwu ancestor can cultivate to a half-step second-rate master in quite a hundred and seventy years,The existence of a peerless wizard that is once in a thousand years in every major family。 If not for the body of a zombie,Xuanwu ancestors have cultivated for more than 1,700 years,I’m afraid it’s not far to enter the first-class master,No wonder […]

Inside the entire field,A piece of death!Summer did not continue to work,Obliquely fell on the ground,It is raising the head and grievances staring at your snake woman。

Also 瞟 站 白 白 白,“So??” White goose anger,Mady to the extreme,Switch to the mouth of the mouth,The fierce glamorous flame is generally burning。 “Woman dare to play me,I won’t waste you.!” He is like a cheetah, he will hear it.。 See him,Snake women are also standing from the ground,Bite the teeth。 “superior!” “Go together,This kid is too […]

“Bai Xiaoru?Let her in quickly!”

Xia Jian heard that Bai Xiaoru was coming,He hurriedly said to Lin Wei。 Wait for Lin Wei to leave,Miss Jin said with a smile:“President Xia!We had better not speak up at this time。Before things are clear,What we say is a little inappropriate” “Ok!Don’t worry about this。Bai Xiaoru and I are friends,Just chat and not let her report。Moreover,I guess she […]

obviously,These things look,It is better than imagination.,Also thorough directly。

As for Tang Nian,It is watching,I didn’t forget to talk to my eyes.。 “very good,If this is really this,That is more interesting.。” When Tang Jian’s conscious looks at the eyes,The more now,This is actually,Tang Zhou quite understand。 “All right,But now this extent,It’s still a big cut.!” “Dear brothers of each shadow,Let them solve them together.。” Tang Jing’s words say,Whole […]

After recovering six cores,The bud is the first time to the side of Hanjiang。

In the explosion of just now,She is protected very good,In addition to the hair is blown “Are you OK” Bud clothes around Hanjiang,Looking at the burns on the arm of Hanjiang。 Extending the crystal clear finger to touch,But afraid that Han Jiang feels pain,Water vapor is starting。 “How did you this person?。”Bud coatings change a bit change,Hanjiang。 Han Jiang does […]