Often stimulates five parts of the body to strengthen the body

Often stimulates five parts of the body to strengthen the body

Medical experts believe that if people regularly stimulate five parts of the body, they can effectively prevent disease, keep fit, and prolong life.

In the following, five parts are briefly introduced.

  Chest: Rubbing the chest can enhance the body’s immunity.

Scientists have found that the thymus of the prothorax is one of the most important immune organs that dominate the entire immune system of the human body. The immunoactive peptides secreted by the thymus can monitor the mutated cells in the body and destroy them relentlessly.Anti-cancer effect; meanwhile, it has anti-infection function and disease resistance; it also has a certain effect on delaying aging.

Persist in rubbing the fore chest (up to down and down to the heart fossa) 100 to 200 times a day with the palm of your hand, which can activate the thymus, prevent disease fitness, and prolong disease.

  Spine: Massage the spine to nourish the whole body.

The spine is an area of great concern to health scientists. It is the place where the veins of the two largest meridians of the human body travel.

The meridians at the two ends of the spine are closely related to the five internal organs.

Frequent massage of the spine can stimulate the dredging of the meridians, qi and blood movement, smooth blood vessels, nourish body organs and exercise.

  Arm fossa: Stimulating the arm fossa can promote blood circulation.

On the arm are blood vessels, lymph, and nerves.

The secret of its fitness is to increase the laughter after being stimulated; when laughing, it can make all organs get exercise, promote blood circulation, replace the organs to fully get the exchange of nutrients and oxygen, and benefit the brain, heart, and lungs.

So experts call it “axillary exercise.”

  Navel: The navel is often hailed as a “fortress” by health experts.

The navel is acupoint for the gods. Traditional Chinese medicine sticks to the navel to treat angina and indigestion.

Frequent massage of the navel has the effect of preventing and treating strokes, can cure illness, keep fit, and prolong life.

  The soles of the feet: There are more than 70 acupuncture points on the soles of the feet, and six meridians start and stop on the feet.

Scientists also believe that there are tens of thousands of peripheral nerves on the bottom of a person’s feet, which are closely connected to the brain and heart, and to various organs of the human body.

Bend your toes frequently, walk often, step on pebbles, warm water to soak your feet, etc., all promote the blood flow of the feet, push the blood from the body to the heart and the body, adjust the balance of yin and yang, prevent diseases, and improve health.