Why should n’t the soup base of fried Chinese medicine be discarded?

Why should n’t the soup base of fried Chinese medicine be discarded?

Because Chinese medicine has the function of conditioning the body, boiled Chinese medicine is the treatment method that many people will choose, but it is difficult to swallow the bitter Chinese medicine, coupled with the hard-to-eat substances of the fried Chinese medicine, at this time everyone will be tangledWould you like to drink it all?

Let ‘s take a look: In order to determine whether the mud-like precipitates appearing in the bottom of the soup fried with Chinese medicine are to be discarded, the conditions that can be co-fried with Coptis licorice and Glycyrrhizae are briefly introduced.It may be possible to make the right choice. Modern scientific research shows that the main active ingredients of Coptis chinensis are alkaloids such as berberine, and the main active ingredients of glycyrrhiza are acidic ingredients such as glycyrrhizic acid and glycyrrhetic acid.

The two types of solubility in water dissolve, so they can dissolve from the Chinese herbal medicine pieces when they are cooked with water. When the two drugs are co-fried, the berberine and glycyrrhizin, which enter the water, may meet in the water, forming a relatively low solubility in water.A small salt or compound is suspended in the frying liquid as a fine, granular solid to make the frying liquid turbid. If it is placed in the frying liquid, it may settle to the bottom of the bowl and form a paste.

  Some people have done experiments. Coptis chinensis and licorice are cooked with water. If the amount of licorice is reduced, the resulting soup solution can be replaced, and the supernatant can be used without bitterness, but the antibacterial effect is greatly reduced.

This shows that the berberine, which has antibacterial effect and is extremely bitter, is precipitated to the bottom of the bowl, that is, in the mud-like sample.

It can be seen that if the prescription containing Coptis chinensis and licorice is co-fried, after the obtained soup solution is placed in a bowl, the slime obtained at the bottom of the bowl will be affected if it is discarded.

  Therefore, the correct way is to add a little water to the mud-like precipitate, and stir it, put it in the turbid liquid and finish it. It is suitable.

There are many well-known prescriptions containing both licorice and Coptis chinensis in traditional Chinese medicine, such as Coptis chinensis (Fanglian, Dried Ginger, Cinnamon, Pinellia, Codonopsis, Licorice, Jujube), Gegen Huangfen Coptis Decoction (Recipes are Gegen, Scutellaria baicalensis, Coptis chinensis, and licorice), and the soup of peony roots (Square peony, Scutellaria baicalensis, Angelica, Betel nut, Coptis chinensis, Rhubarb, Woody fragrant, Licorice, Cinnamon) etc.After placing, the mud at the bottom of the bowl can be mixed with water before serving, or the whole bowl of soup should be stirred and then served. It is not advisable to dispose of it. Other soups containing the two medicines are fried according to this method.Better.