[Can you drink liquor for menstruation]_Menstrual period_Can you drink it?

[Can you drink liquor for menstruation]_Menstrual period_Can you drink it?

Many people usually have the habit of drinking alcohol, and it is enjoyable to drink something when everything is OK.

Drinking is not the exclusive property of men. Some women also like to drink.

In general, you can drink it without drinking. There are no major problems, but women’s menstrual periods are very special. Many factors will have a relatively large impact on the body. They are also worried about the adverse reactions caused by drinking.

So, can you drink liquor during menstruation?

Let’s take a look below.

Liquor is not allowed during menstruation.

Studies have found that women’s menstrual drinking causes liver damage, and the risk of alcoholism is higher than men’s. This is because women’s menstrual period is insufficient to break down enzymes in the body. If they drink alcohol, they will prolong drunk time, and their menstrual periods are weak and they will drinkPromote blood circulation, so menstrual flow will increase the amount of menstrual blood, which is not good for your health.

In fact, in addition to not being able to drink white wine during menstruation, women still have many taboos during menstruation. Female friends should pay attention to it.

What are the dangers of drinking liquor during menstruation and increasing menstrual flow? What are the dangers of drinking liquor during menstruation and increasing menstrual flow? What are the dangers of drinking liquor during menstruation?The odds are relatively high, because during the menstrual period, the body lacks decomposing enzymes, coupled with excessive bleeding, weak health, and poor resistance. Drinking white wine can easily speed up the blood circulation of the body, leading to increased menstrual flow.

Causes liver dysfunction before and after menstruation and intervention. Under the influence of hormone secretion, the activity of decomposing enzymes in the body is low, and the alcohol metabolism capacity is reduced. After drinking white wine, alcohol cannot be quickly discharged from the blood and becomes an acidic substance harmful to the body.In order to remove these acidic substances, the liver must continuously produce enzymes, which will increase the liver burden and increase the possibility of liver dysfunction.

Women who are prone to alcoholism will lose their ability to break down enzymes during menstruation, alcohol metabolism will slow down, and the transformation from drunk feeling will be more serious. Therefore, drinking liquor during menstrual period is not only easy to get drunk, but excessive drinking will also easily lead to alcoholism.

How to drink lemon decomposed wine again after menstrual drinking. If you are drinking, you can drink a glass of lemonade to hangover. Fresh lemon is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C has the effect of removing alcohol, which can effectively relieve nausea after drinking and avoid vomiting.Discomfort.

Drinking tomato juice hangover Tomato juice contains special fructose, which can accelerate the decomposition of alcohol. After drinking, adding 300 ml of tomato juice can effectively relieve the symptoms of dizziness after drinking. If you add a small amount of salt to tomato juice, it can also help stabilize your mood.

Eat grape hangover Fresh grapes are rich in tartaric acid. The tartaric acid interacts with the alcohol in the wine to form esters, which can effectively reduce the concentration of ethanol in the body, thereby effectively hangover. Therefore, the taste of the grapes is sour and sweet, which can effectively relieveNausea and nausea after drinking.