“666,Don’t want to talk a thousand times~”

And this is only more than ten minutes of video,In just three hours,Reposted more than one million times,Likes more than half a million,More than 100,000 comments。
Various topics circulate on the blog,Some bigvReposted this video specifically,Invisibly played a role in fueling the flames。
And the fans of the official blog of the show group yearning,It has skyrocketed from hundreds of thousands to more than one million,And is still increasing。
And some people get no response,I went to the live broadcast room of Mango Channel,Commented,Almost burst the server。
Fortunately, technicians maintain in time,This will avoid the danger of collapse。
This matter is getting worse,Attracted high-level attention,Calling from the station,Instruct Wang Yuzheng to give an explanation immediately。
then,Another video quietly logged in,Naturally the director,Gorging at the table,No regard for image。
When seeing this video,Wang Yuzheng’s face turned black,It’s too late to withdraw。
Below this video,It’s a dense smile。
“Whoops,Fucking,I just took a bite of Chaos,Just squirted,It’s so funny。”
“This director,Haven’t eaten in ten years?,Like a starving ghost。”
“Have you noticed,The voice of the little brother who cooks,Like the one who sings。”
“The upstairs said so,I noticed that too,You see,There is a guitar next to him。”
“The little brother is so handsome,I want to give him a monkey。”