Qin Feng is not stupid,He knew that the old curator would be back soon,The bookshelves and doors must be changed to their original positions,Can’t let the old curator find out。

As for how to get out,Qin Feng thought of the other outlets Jackie Chan said,As long as there is a place,Then easy,Qin Feng is not worried about not going out,There is no place to trap him。
Qin Feng kept going down this trail,There are some narrow stairs,Cold and dull,Gloomy,It looks like the environment is not so good。
Qin Feng goes down and gets darker inside,Maybe it’s because the lights are not turned on at night,As he walked slowly down, he heard a heavy and muddy breathing,Like a sleepy beast。
Walked up the stairs for a long way,Qin Feng just walked to this cherry blossom view factory,At a glance,The first thing that catches the eye is the messy desktop。
There are various tools next to it,And made reagents。
Qin Feng probably knew after a few glances,This is probably their production workshop。It just looks a bit crude。And they are all chaotic。
Qin Feng bypassed this workshop and walked inside,He heard those breathing sounds coming from inside,So he walked in the dark underground corridor。
Qin Feng’s footsteps are silent,So it didn’t cause any movement,No one wakes up。The heavier breathing he heard inside。
The breathing sounds all overlap,Disorganized,But they all have one thing in common,That is muddy and heavy。Like a tired cub,Taking the last few breaths。
When Qin Feng walks over,I know why they make such a sound。
Those are poor people,Being trapped。
There are also some daily necessities such as Penghe cups stacked in a mess,In the corner there is a small tank similar to that used to solve physiological needs,Send out a strong,Disgusting smell,The whole rest area is messy。
“How does riding a horse call life to rest?!This is simply hell among individuals!”Qin Feng thought。
“That bastard old fox,Really inhuman,This horse can be seen!”Qin Feng took a look,Feel very angry,This is like a tragedy on earth,It makes him feel chilled。
Although Qin Feng has seen many big scenes,Many people have lost their lives before him,He has seen so many life states。
About human nature,Qin Feng had a deep understanding,But now looking at these hundreds of people,Lingering in front of him like a maggot,He felt the humbleness of humanity again
These people can no longer be called people,They are like living in this rotten underground,Humble bugs begging for survival,Use their filthy bodies to do things for others that will allow them to survive,It’s something that harms more people。