“Yes!I have come to hand in the paper。Lu Xiaodi,Listen to your words,Winning ten years of reading,I will rely on you to lead us to eat。”Yao bald smiled faintly,Answered。

“what,Are you people in Beijing so educated??Boss Yao spoke to me in such a wrinkled tone,I’m almost getting goose bumps。”Lu Menglin smiled。
“Boss Lu,You can talk to you in any tone you like!Anyway from now on,My brothers and I are following you!”
Yao bald head laughed。
“Did you all hear clearly?Call Lu Ge!”Yao bald head waved his arms,Shouted loudly。
“Brother Lu!”
“Brother Lu!”The whole hutong inside and outside,At the same time there was a big shout。
this moment,Zhu Kun was dumbfounded,And the old iron tree Dalian has the heart to die。
I can’t even tell the enemy from me,The one who worked with me,Really stupid!Tie Shu’s boss only smiled helplessly。
“Boss Yao is interested,Just do what we discussed before。In addition,In my share,15% over there,All right?”Lu Menglin smiled slightly。
Yao bald head heard these two sentences,First shocked,I couldn’t help showing an expression of surprise。
at last,Finally came to the big tree Jiang!Don’t say 15%,Even if you want him 50%,He is also happy to offer it with both hands。
To know,As long as my small industry catches up with Jiang’s path,Then the situation is not just as simple as opening a few game cities,Going to the whole country is not a dream。
Yao’s bald face has a happy expression on the Fortune Express,Very intoxicated。
Liu Yi stared at him,I want to hell!What did Lu Menglin say to this bald head??Why did you turn a powerful gangster into a harmless rich man in minutes?