Thinking about going,In the final analysis, I just want to do business,Make money,Humiliated the word Quan in his name!

If you are in power,Who dares to touch his son?Even Zhu Guoquan thought darkly,My elder brother’s son is safe,Because of this,My own broker,Isn’t it just a sick cat that is wantonly to outsiders??
It’s too late to make up for it!
Looking at the smile on my son’s face,Zhu Guoquan felt the tingling in his heart,There is no way to relieve it。
“son!do not worry,No matter who hurt you,Dad asked them to bury you!”
Looking at my son’s picture,Zhu Guoquan swore the same,And then immediately changed his words:“Do not!Not funeral!Is a place where the dead are dead!”
Zhu Guoquan clenched his fists tightly when speaking,Find out the truth and avenge my son,Zhu Guoquan has to go through the formal channels, reasonable and legal,Those dark,Unreasonable and legal,Myself too!
There is a faint vibration from the phone,Zhu Guoquan answered the phone,I heard the voice of my assistant on the phone。
“Mr. Zhu,I have compiled all the information you asked me to organize,Approximately estimated,The market value of our entire industry chain should be around 3 billion!”
Zhu Guoquan’s special assistant has a clear voice,Although it’s a bit surprised that the boss asked himself to organize the information at night,But he still restrained his curiosity,With the boss for so many years,What to ask,What not to ask,He still has a sense of measure。
“Thank you,Leave the information and car,Then find someone to pick you up!”
Said hard,Zhu Guoquan did not give much explanation,Hung up。
Sit with Zhu Zhengkang for a while,Zhu Guoquan suddenly laughed。
“No son,What to do with things outside?”
Got up and stretched out,The figure is indeed a lot thinner,But this does not affect Zhu Guoquan’s momentum。
I couldn’t help but glanced at his son’s photo,Zhu Guoquan said:“Slow down the road,The one who killed you,Then arrived!”
Zhu Guoquan left his son’s mourning hall,Swaying flame on white candle,Zhu Ruzhi and Zhu Guosheng came out。
“Second brother, this is too much!”
Watching Zhu Guoquan leave behind,Even if there are only a few words between the lines,Zhu Guosheng can still guess what his second brother wants to do。