So Su Ran feels that all the good things will come on schedule,What can’t you survive in the future??

Chapter Five Hundred and Eighth Husband and wife together
Xiao Fan came to the Lin Group,Looking at the building of the Lin Group,Xiao Fan feels that Lin Yoona has really achieved where she is today based on her true abilities.,Become a famous female entrepreneur in Cloud City。
Xiao Fan feels that all this is due to Lin Yuner’s own efforts,Lin Yoona has never complained about anyone for so many years,I didn’t think the world was unfair to her。
Because she has always cherished the happiness around her,This kind of cherishment makes Xiao Fan feel that Lin Yoona is really a good wife。
Although Xiao Fan doesn’t know if Lin Yun’er really resented him in those three years,But Xiao Fan feels that as long as Lin Yoona is willing to stay with him,Can live happily,Xiao Fan thinks this is the most worthwhile。
You must treat Lin Yoona well,The lives of two people still have a long way to go,So Xiao Fan felt that now we must take care of Lin Yoona’s emotions。
Otherwise, Yuner’s heart will be chilled.,I was really too much,Although Xiao Fan did a lot of things,Did a lot of good things,Helped a lot of people。
But Xiao Fan always felt that he owed Lin Yoona,I always owe Lin Yoona a lot,Actually Lin Yoona doesn’t think so。
Lin Yoona thinks what Xiao Fan does are meaningful things,Is a good deed for both of them,So Lin Yoona never stopped Xiao Fan from working,Never complain。
Everyone is an adult,Everyone has their own living space,Even couples should give each other enough freedom。
Besides, Xiao Fan is not an ordinary person,Lin Yun’er can’t treat Xiao Fan with a small mind,She must let Xiao Fan do a task every time,Or no worries every time I help others。
This is a capable woman,Visionary woman,Lin Yoona is such a person,So this is why she can in a short time,Manage the Lin Group so well。
Can also capture Xiao Fan’s heart,Become his wife。Lin Yoona knew that Xiao Fan was back,But she hasn’t gone to Xiao Fan yet,Because the company is really busy recently。
Another Lin Yuner thinks that if Xiao Fan is finished, she will come to her,So don’t rush this moment。
I feel that we need to give the other party enough respect and trust,So she didn’t think Xiao Fan ignored her because she was busy with other people’s affairs。
About Shen Lin and Su Ran,Actually Lin Yoona is also very sad,If I change to Lin Yoona,,Lin Yoona will help Su Ran and Shen Lin。