Chanting Room,Li Tianzhen rises up,After a few ups and downs, he left the purple garden,Out of the Taoist backyard,He carried the sleeping groggy captain in a room,Silent Debut,Go down the mountain。

In the Big Black Gate in Hulusi Alley, Chengzhong Village,Chartered wife,Like watching a gorilla,Staring at the wretched and sloppy captain with eyes like bells,And the young people who are all around him。
“Wang Zhong,Don’t blame Wang Po for not believing you,You can always talk like shit and eat it back,Never count,Want something from you,Want to continue living,Cash out,Half a year’s rent plus water and electricity,One thousand two hundred yuan,Give now,Forget the interest,Wang Po is not the one to kill。”
The captain looked at Li Tianzhi with a sad face,At this time, Li Tianzhen has made a simple disguise,Don’t talk about people you usually know,Is a relatively close friend,Hard to recognize him。
The captain was reluctant to come back,Not only owed money,He is even more afraid of the bunch of loan sharks,The death of a bed bug is a clear warning,Thank God for being taken in by Baiyun,But this big brother does not live or die,“Take us back!”I just talked about it,Why be serious?
Li Tianzhen is not only serious,Really took out a bunch of money,I don’t know when I have been carrying it,It seems to be given by the instructor when he was at the base,Anyway, when I went to Xinglongshan Mental Hospital,This thing followed him to the chaotic time and space,Never spent,Was later touched by Zhang Zhiqiang’s men,When he was buried alive that day, he secretly stuffed a part of it back,Maybe it’s a ghost,Afraid of nightmares,Anyway, a thick pile。
Wang Po immediately became excited,Grabbed the banknotes from Li Tianzhen,I sprayed on my fingers and started to count up.,Repeated ordering several times,Drew 1,200 yuan from it,The rest is just about to be returned to Li Tianzhi,Thought for a while,Drew three more from it。
“Hehe,Forgot to mention the deposit。Wang Zhong,It’s not that Wangpo said you,Your friend is much better than you,People gather together,Grouping,Have such friends,You shouldn’t have been this virtue,In the future,Stay away from Wu Tianxing and them。”
“What are you talking about?”The captain is timid,Dare to stare in this situation,He hates people saying bad things about his brother,He, Hongmao and others worshipped Li Tianzhi as the eldest brother,Is the brother of Yi Jinlan,Of course not happy。
“it is good,it is good。Talking about Wang Po。”People are happy when they are happy,Wang Po doesn’t care about the captain,“I’ll get you the keys,It’s the original house,Still pick another one?Oh,correct,What’s your name?”
“Coincidence,I used to have a tenant whose surname was Li,Live next door to Wang Zhong,The two still know each other。I think you are a refreshing person,It’s better to add 150 yuan a month,Let you,How comfortable you two live in a single room。”
“fair enough。”Li Tianzheng without thinking,The room Wang Po said was originally rented by him。
“I said Wang Po,You too dark,When my elder brother first moved in,The rent did not exceed one hundred yuan,You are asking for prices,In the end, I have to say that we take advantage of you,You treat me as a fool?”The captain’s god is finally back,Hang out in the market,Sappy,Quarrel,He is proficient in everything,A few times before because of owed money,So I can’t do it,This time, it’s unreasonable,Lao Gao has his sleeves rolled up,You are too dark,Don’t blame me for not respecting the old and loving the young。
“Yoha?High idle price,Just don’t rent,What?You still want to do it?”Wang Po stared her eyes,I haven’t been in front of tenants for a long time,Already lost spirit,I just practiced with the captain today,She turned around and picked up the big broom behind her,Rush over。