“it’s me!”

I heard Jing Fawu’s voice,Chen Xiu quickly closed his fists。
“Come in,lower the volume,The guards are gambling on the second floor,Don’t disturb them!”
The two got in through the gap in the door,Chen Xiu couldn’t help but complain:“Lying,You can just climb up and watch the door,Just go around the back and climb up,Why let us walk for nothing!”
“Not let you watch me climb up,How do you know my skills!”
Ok,Capable people always
316 Come forward
Chen Xiu covered his mouth with his hand,The opponent’s phone responded,Lin Yuan didn’t have too much doubt and hung up the phone。
“Xiaowu,You and Victoria take my dad and Lao Liu first,We meet in Yuzhou District!”
“how about you?”
“The wound on my dad’s face can’t be beaten for nothing,It’s okay if Lin Yuan doesn’t come,He brought it to the door by himself,I’m welcome!”
Jing Fawu originally wanted to persuade him not to be impulsive,When I remembered that the force of Lin Yuan’s men and horses was only the level of street gangsters,I should be right now。
Jing Fawu and the others drove away with Father Chen and Guijiang Liu,Chen Xiu saw a row of car lights on the secondary road into the town
317 Perilous
Chen Xiu who deflated naturally!