Whiteboard is a little hate, just being sent a little girl to fall,At this time, the yin and yang said:“Why is Lu Xion??I heard that I heard,Transferring flower palace to join Zhengzheng,I don’t even know that there is a flower son.,I want to pass the rumor,Zhengzheng will have a criminal hero?”

Previous time before the light,The Chu Deirers are indeed a vernacular.,Invitation month, there is no agreement,actually……Nothing now!
In the case of not exposed the pity at the time,Flower is more likely to be inexplicable,When he walks in Jiangnan,Someone inquiry,Flower is not natural“have no idea”。
However, now……
I am deer people answer,On the side of the month, see the whiteboard.,Aim、Sitial only saw a white shadow,Do not wait,I came to the white board.!
“You are afraid of Yannan Tian,I am not afraid of me to get the flower palace.?”Invitation moon look at the whiteboard,There is not much hostile voice,But listening to the ear is cold to the brain。
If he is positive, ask Chu deer,Is there any inclusion,Inviting the moon, say no life,How to respond to the deer people,Waiting for him to show the eyes of embarrassment……
However, the whiteboard is speech, and the arrogant is afraid of Yan Nan Tian.,Can’t bear it in the moon——You are afraid of Yannan Tian,Not afraid of me?
Invitation in the rivers and lakes,A big life,But people who really know her,Less and less!
After all, the floral hall is avoided.,Invitation of the month occasion,Either“Copper”identity of,Either……Not a few living people remain。
In addition, the invitation moon appearance looks,But the double decades,Said that it is with Wang Yizhen、Mu Yuqing also has a good faith,It is not easy to think about a famous arrival of the Migratory Palace.,Especially the whiteboard is still invisible.——Invite the month to open,He found more individuals.!
“you、You are……”Whiteboard is suddenly listening to the sound,Naturally understands how high the body of the person is,And at this time, the whole body exploded,Also made a few speculations。
Unfortunately, he is behind,Can’t say it,I only feel that my heart is cold.,Even if you want to open for mercy,But the tongue root has also been stiff.!
Gradually he felt,Your own conscious begins to extract,The internal organs have stopped running in the cold!
This last life awareness,For his abnormalities,But in other people……
Because the whiteboard comet with full covered mask,So others can’t see his face,I saw this white woman in front of him.,Then I later asked,Whiteboard is not a reply,And the Kung Fu,It’s very stood up.,Near the previous ear, clear people see,Already there is no sound!
At least,This person is completely stiff,When you shoot,Both is hard Bangbang……
Chapter 714 Shock
Whiteboard is not the right person,At this time, the woman is“Kill”on the spot,There is no one。
The identity of this white woman,Everyone is a cold——Said to be“Kill”,In fact, everyone did not see her tricks.!
Just an invisible influence,Place the whiteboard。
Although the white board is coming and Wang Yin,Suffer some slough injury,But it’s never“fragile”Degree,Even if it’s a short time,It can still play eight nine points of strength。
There is only Chu Deirers in the field.,Not too surprised,A dish to think。
Moon《Moon》Eighth floor,The eighth floor of the poor star,It is completely two properties……
《Ming Yucheng》Cold,From“quiet”,Powerful force,Externalization is cold,Invitation month can make itself within a certain range“quiet”Down。
Feeling around her“cold”,It is not a cold invasion that she released.,But it is affected by myself.、completely“quiet”Down,Therefore, from the inside out.!
Whiteboard, chain, this level,The month is not going to shoot directly.……
This already has some ninth layers of nature,Waiting for the moon《Ming Yucheng》Average,Unusual“Master”,It is also difficult to not be in front of her.“quiet”。
Left cold is also dignified at this time.——Wang Yizhen’s martial arts,Just to make it,Not worried,But invite this hand……
“I don’t know, the palace of the floral palace is.?”There are some nervous sinks of the left cold Zen.。
“Homemade。”Invitation, the moon。
One time the scene is cold,Even the righteousrs,Don’t dare to get righteous words——It is said that the moon owner of the moon of the moon has some cleansing.,In case you feel that you can talk.,What if she is annoyed??
But one will be straightforward,Looking at the Alliance in the face of worship,It’s proud to look at the side。
They don’t think,Is the home alliance? Is it a fox holiday??Look!Our Alliance said that the floral palace was all income.,Then I will come with the Moon Palace.,Who also questioned?
Others are not amazed in their hearts.,When you first see this white woman,I just sigh,Chu is old and beautiful,Now I can’t think of it.,It is actually inviting the Moon, the main palace, the host of the Moon is here.?