“Book month,Confinement is exquisite,Must have a full moon to go out,You are not full moon yet,Go to work,The body can’t stand it。”Cousin said。

“Have to do business,No way。”Xia Shuyue said helplessly。
“What about the kid?Someone needs to take it,He still needs milk。”Xia Qiuping asked。
“Take it to work,What else。”Xia Shuyue said。
“Definitely not,You still walk a bit,I don’t stand very securely,How to hold the baby,How to work?Tell boss Zhang,You rest a few more days,Any deduction is fine,Can’t spoil the body。”Xia Qiuping strongly opposed。
“Damn,sister,Don’t care about my business,Just ask an aunt to help me with the baby。”Xia Shuyue said。
298 Good boss
“Ask your cousin to help you take a few days。”Wang Dahai said。
“Bring children?I can’t do this,How can i bring children?Can’t even hold。”My cousin immediately raised an objection。
“I will bring,I graduated from high school,Doing nothing at home。”Cousin volunteered。
“Can also。”Wang Dahai wants to keep both children in the provincial capital,Let Xia Shuyue find a way to find jobs for them。
“Can you hug a baby?”Xia Shuyue felt a little bit in her heart,I’m afraid they will stay,Asked。
“I taught her to hold it,I will go to the store with you,I’ll get acquainted with her for a few days。”Wang Sulian knew that her daughter didn’t want to keep the two sisters from her uncle,But Brother spoke,I don’t think it’s right to leave none。
Xia Shuyue didn’t speak anymore,I nodded and agreed with my cousin to help with the baby,For one thing, I can’t find the right person right away,Second come,She also knows her mother’s mind。
Even if my cousin won’t do anything,It’s always good to have a helper,Finished eating,Take a break,Xia Shuyue rested early after washing up。
Wang Dahai saw that Xia Shuyue agreed to keep her little daughter,Very happy,We talked happily with Wang Sulian and they went back to the hostel very late。
Daybreak,Yang Yong’s car drove to the community,Go upstairs to pick up Xia Shuyue。
“You are all here?Come in for a bite。”Xia Shuyue is eating breakfast,Shout Yang Yong。