Completed in green and culture "link" space on the left bank of the Yongding River Park Winter Olympics works to enhance public spaces

The new bridge across the Yongding River Unicom Shougang, Shijingshan and Mentougou, straddle the bridge between heaven and earth, the bridge space is fully utilized, and the formation of a different world, so named for the bridge between heaven and earth. Typical example is the bridge between the world of the space utilization bridge, the bridge lighting gray space. In an additional step and landscape Bridge Pool, realize the bridge, under the bridge Unicom, set up and use the space under the bridge rest seat, open space for the public to provide shade. In each of the north and west site provided a continuous scene wall stainless steel plate, for guiding flow lines of activity, so that the left bank of the internal track and the crest Lumalasong Shougang slow system, pedestrian bridge contact system. Make full use of the site elevation is set three levels of space, are "floating plank", "theater under the bridge" and "slow drawbridge" offers different levels of visual experience. Set of 40-meter-long double-curved gallery frame blocking large electric box with mirror stainless steel material to activate the potential of the site, define the artistic atmosphere of the venue, large-scale cooperation in the field of the future curatorial, placed sculpture, performing arts, exhibition spaces display. The theme section also shows the Yongding River farming, water culture, the use of irrigation channels Republic of China Lu stone ruins, showing the history of Yongding River Water Conservancy Shijingshan to the Marco Polo Bridge irrigated by water. Set in the original Pang village tractor ruins platform and explain the monument to introduce early warning flood tractor Pang Ming and Qing Dynasties village history, showing water conservancy culture.

Life poly keynote segment: creating an integrated sports and leisure plaza poly keynote life segment, the new Shougang Bridge north bridge, south to the north of the village Pang (Shougang new bridge south along the 1 km) west dike road, east Shougang Status fences Southern District, the length of kilometers, an area of hectares set straight Lin Shi Lakes hydrophilic node 2. Combined with the surrounding residents of the community and cultural life, fitness and other needs, centralized facilities set up cultural and sports activities, creating an integrated sports and leisure plaza.

New skate park, basketball court, table tennis, Futsal football field, new fitness track, set the non-standard national fitness venues and supporting facilities, the formation of Broadwood fitness field.

In addition, the construction of a theater setting sun, site preparation status of the north side of the construction waste and waste residues form 1100 m2 sinking space, set up theater performance area and viewing platform area, community cultural events for the surrounding residents. Snow playful theme segments: the construction of an integrated space for children in the snow theme snow childlike theme section, north of Pang village north, the south gate of Beijing backtrack west dike Road, east boundary waters land ownership, the length of kilometers, an area ha, at node 3 is provided through a hydrophilic Lianshi Lakes.

According to the physiological and psychological characteristics of children of different ages, the construction of an integrated children’s activity space; setting recreation area, the provision of open space for the care of parents. For children under 3 years old, the new snow plaza, park setting touch, sound and other sensory garden and park fun bunker, to stimulate interest in infant perception, perception of the world to help children. For 3-6 years old children, the use of the site elevation balanced car track set, hide and seek passage landscape wall, put swings, slides and other recreational facilities, the construction of 1000 square meters sinking ice rink, outdoor ice skating in winter can provide the venue, and the rest We can provide the skating season. For school-age children 6-12 years old, about the use of the site elevation form-meter-high glacier climbing wall, a new fun basketball court.

Shijingshan District Management Committee, responsible person, public space next to the left bank of the Yongding River Fushi, urban expressway Lin Shi Road and Jin’anqiao subway station, bus stations and other public transport facilities, open Shougang North status quo walls, both inside and outside to promote the new Shougang Park interoperability, we will provide a rare large-scale waterfront recreation space for residents. Adding that public service facilities, will promote the new Shougang park at 3 in the parking lot about 1400 parking spaces shared to the public, to promote the new Shougang, Shijingshan District, and the region "production integration of the city."

It is understood that the left bank of the Yongding River after completion of the project to enhance public spaces, parks Winter Olympics not only presents a more beautiful posture, but also further improve the tissue surrounding traffic, optimizing the stadium Shougang Winter Olympics ski jumping large surrounding environment, help improve the quality and security of the region match order .

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