Anhui Telecom: Doing a strong core product escort city security

China Telecom integrates 5G and quantum information technology, and realizes the first quantum-demonstration of operators. China Telecom Anhui Company has been mapped since 2017, the city’s life line project has successfully warmed more than 6,000, and the incidence of underground pipe network accidents in the city has decreased by 60%, and the risk investigation efficiency is 70%.

This result is affirmed by the National Emergency Management Department, "Hefei Mode" is recommended in more than 300 prefecture-level citys in the country.

Innovation and development in the field of public safety, opened the new world of China Telecom Anhui Company.

On September 17, 2020, China Telecom Corporation held a glimpse of the World-class Management Enhancement Action, Anhui Company has established a target of advanced, strong safety core products, innovative differentiated safety services.

"While protecting the city’s lifeline, we also strengthen the protection of city ‘capillary’, using technical advantages, provide professional fire supervision services at all levels, fire, community, streets, merchants, etc., for merchants, personal and property safety Guo escort. "Zhu Lianghai said.

Since this year, China Telecom Anhui Company has also strengthened the creation of quantum safety service platform, plus the promotion efforts of the number of quantum-demonstrations, quantum networking and other products, where quantum-demonstration has been commercially used in Anhui.

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