Women have to keep hot, men have to keep cold

Women have to keep hot, men have to keep cold

Men and women always have different perceptions of temperature: in the winter, women’s cotton coats are tightly wrapped, still cold and trembling, and men are wearing thin jerseys, but they are still shaking; on hot summer days, women can go shopping in the sun and eat hot pot with sweat, And the man was so hot even sitting still.

  The same is true in the eyes of medical scientists.

Studies have found that men are afraid of heat, so men who are “cold” live longer; women are afraid of cold, so women who are “hot” live continuously.

  Men’s cold and women’s hotness is the way to live a long time ago. Justin Eliot, the Commonwealth Minister for the Elderly of Australia, announced the country’s longest lived area list: the longest lived area for women is the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, with an average life expectancy of 84.

7 years old; the longest living area for men is the cooler Melbourne-Canberra area, with an average life expectancy of 80 years.

From a statistical point of view, women who live in warm, sunny areas live longer, while men who live in cooler climates live longer. This law applies globally.

Investigators analyze that climate affects many aspects of human psychology and physiology, and older people affect lifespan.

  So why are men afraid of heat and women afraid of cold?

American professor of biophysics David explained that men have more muscles, eat more, and metabolize, so their bodies are warmer than women.

From a physiological point of view, women are more sensitive to cold than men, and the “temperature sensor” in men’s skin is slower and not enough to “know cold and heat”.

Therefore, even when the temperature is low, men are still warm and women are cold.

  According to traditional Chinese medicine, women are naturally cold, so they are afraid of cold; men are naturally dry, so they are afraid of heat.

From a physiological perspective, differences in the reproductive system of men and women also cause their temperature “differences.”

The lactic acid pill in men’s reproductive organs is not resistant to high temperatures. It needs to maintain a temperature lower than the body temperature, otherwise it will hurt sperm.

The woman’s uterus is like an inverted pear, which is cold. Irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea will occur if you do not pay attention to keeping warm.

Therefore, women need more warm care.

  There is a saying in the man’s “cold” health regimen, “The young man sleeps chilly and depends on fire”.

This is not unreasonable. Men’s “firepower” is indeed stronger than women.

For them, it may be a good idea to try the “cold” regimen often.

  The water temperature cooled down.

Taking a hot bath in a sauna is comfortable and relieves fatigue, but the room temperature in a sauna is as high as 50 ° C-70 ° C, which can easily destroy the sperm growth environment and even cause “dead sperm”.

Experts recommend that men do not repeatedly perform hot baths or saunas. Once a week, the temperature is preferably 37 ° C-41 ° C, 15-20 minutes each time, and no more than 30 minutes per week.

Men with rich requirements are advised not to take a hot bath or sauna within six months.

  The crotch cools down.

The scrotum of men has the function of temperature regulation, just like an “air conditioner”, which regulates the temperature of the entire reproductive organs.

Experts said that long-term cycling or driving, love to wear thick jeans, use laptops on the thighs, long-term sitting in a loose sofa and other habits will cause the scrotum to be surrounded and compressed, and the temperature cannot be adjusted properly, which will lead to pill temperature.Increased, reproductive function is affected.

Therefore, men are best not to wear skinny jeans, underwear should be loose, comfortable and breathable.

Like taxi drivers, office men, it’s best to get up every 10 to 8-10 minutes.

  The diet cooled down.

Recently, scientists in Spain and Italy have discovered a major cause of women’s longevity-often eating low-conversion foods.

Women usually eat vegetarian food, eat less, and men eat meat, eat more, and often gobble.

Experts said that men’s preference for animal minority, long-term kidney overload operation, increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, malignant tumors.

Even “lean”, 28% of them are invisible to the naked eye.

Therefore, men should learn a low-dose diet to reduce animal fat intake. Take pork as an example. It should be controlled at two or three days a day. When eating pork, it is best to match it with legumes, which can make plasma and trace particles smaller.

Consume no more than 30 grams of edible oil per day.

  The anger fell.

As soon as a man turns 40, his physical function declines, but his temper grows.

US researchers conducted a five-year follow-up survey of more than 700 40-year-old men and found 5 of them.8% of people have had a heart attack at least once during these five years.

Experts point out that once a person loses one’s health, one’s tolerance is the “vitamin” for maintaining mental health.

When the anger comes up, be good at freeing yourself, such as soothing songs, just pack them, and go slowly, which will help lower blood pressure and stabilize heart rate.

  Women’s “hot” health is cold in the hands and feet in the winter, and their feet can’t warm up when they get into the quilt at night. As long as the air conditioning in the office is slightly stronger, they will feel backache . Such “cold women” are becoming more common.
In fact, cold is the biggest damage to the health and beauty of women.

Therefore, women should “warm” themselves.

  Warm your feet and promote sleep.

Your feet are the “second heart” of a woman.

Experts believe that women soak their feet with hot water at about 40 ° C for 15-30 minutes every day before going to bed, which can alleviate back pain and promote sleep.

Soak the feet with water not too shallow, at least not over the feet, even with the calf, the effect will be better.

Women who are afraid of the cold before going to bed at night, it is best to wear warm cotton socks to help keep their feet cold.

  Warm food to nourish the stomach.

Women are advised to eat less cold and cold foods, especially chills, cold hands and feet, colds, and women in the physiological cycle.

Experts suggest that women can eat more congee such as jujube yam porridge, five-color porridge in winter, stewed lamb with Radix Codonopsis and Radish Pork Ribs Soup to warm up the blood, enhance physical fitness and resistance, and put ginger and pepper in cooking.Peppers and other spices that have a “heat-producing” effect.

  Warm water prevents gynecological diseases.

It is best to use warm water for housework.

Data show that hot water is 5 times more effective at cleaning and sterilizing than cold water. In addition to being comfortable, it can also prevent arthritis and gynecological diseases.

Taking a cold bath is a taboo for women. Because the water temperature is too low, the human body will feel cold and produce spasm reactions, such as faster heartbeat, increased blood pressure, and nervousness.

  Warm the body and protect the uterus.

Experts point out that everyone knows that wearing less in winter can cause rheumatoid arthritis. In fact, women’s reproductive system is most afraid of cold. The direct consequence of “regardless of style and temperature” is irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea.

In winter, women should pay special attention to the warmth of the neck, abdomen, and legs: Correcting the warmth can effectively prevent cervical spondylosis, so don’t forget to wear a scarf when going out; don’t wear too tight clothes, otherwise it will cause blood circulation; long bootsIt is best not to wear it for a long time, and change to ordinary winter shoes in two days.