[How does Schisandra syrup treat insomnia?

】 _Insomnia_Efficacy

[How does Schisandra syrup treat insomnia?
】 _Insomnia_Efficacy

There are many reasons that cause people to have insomnia. It may be the factors that cause them to sleep poorly, it may be the reason that their psychology is too large, or it may be some physical discomforts, etc. If you want to successfully treat insomnia, you mustStarting from many aspects, including psychological adjustment, diet adjustment, rest time adjustment and so on, today Schisandra syrup is recommended to treat insomnia.

How effective is Schisandra syrup in treating insomnia?

1. Insomnia is a common disease, and the cause of insomnia in most people is heart and kidney incompatibility.

Heart and kidney disapproval means that the heart fire can’t go down, the kidney fire can’t go up, which leads to insomnia, dreaming, heart palpitations and so on.

Schisandra syrup is a tonic drug.

So, how effective is Schisandra syrup in treating insomnia?

2. Schisandra syrup has a good effect in treating insomnia. Schisandra syrup has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing kidney, calming and calming the nerves, and is used for neurasthenia, dizziness, insomnia, etc.

The main ingredient of Schisandra syrup is Schisandra.

The excipients are sucrose, sodium benzoate, and orange flavor.

If you are using other medicines, consult your doctor or pharmacist before using Schisandra syrup.

Patients with exogenous fever should not take schisandra syrup.

3, pharmacological effects show that Schisandrin has a wide range of central inhibitory effects and has the characteristics of stabilization.

Schisandra alcohol extract 5-10mg / kg gavage can reduce spontaneous activity in mice, cooperate with sodium pentobarbital on the sleep effect of mice, fight mouse excitement caused by amphetamine, and fight convulsion caused by caffeine and nicotine in mice.
Schisandrin (Schisandrol A) 10-100mg / kg intraperitoneal injection, reducing spontaneous activity of mice with increasing dose, 10mg / kg intraperitoneal injection against caffeine, amphetamine-induced excitement in mice; 60-120mg / kg intraperitoneal injection was obviousProlong mouse sleep time caused by sodium barbiturate and pentobarbital sodium; fight against convulsions caused by electric shock, pentylenetetrazol, etc.

Schisandrin has a wide range of central inhibitory effects, and has the characteristics of stabilization.
4. According to Chinese medicine, Schisandra acid temperature is non-toxic.

For common senile diseases such as cough and asthma of lung and kidney deficiency, polydipsia, qi deficiency and spontaneous sweating, yin deficiency and night sweats, accompanied by therapeutic effects.

It has a good effect on improving the insomnia and palpitations of the elderly with insufficient heart blood, heart qi deficiency, and heart and kidney discomfort.

Therefore, it is often used for cough and asthma and shortness of breath in elderly patients with lung and kidney deficiency; elderly spontaneous sweating, night sweats, thirst for wounds, thirst, yin deficiency, dry mouth, and kidney deficiency syndrome; senile conscience, palpitations, forgetfulness and insomnia.

5. The effect of Schisandra syrup in treating insomnia is good.

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Consult your doctor or pharmacist before purchasing, and take it under the guidance of a doctor.

After taking it for 1 week, the symptoms should not be relieved, and you should go to the hospital in time.