Urban area,Zhang Yihua’s good mood is destroyed,The old man in his department asked him to go out for a drink,Drank a lot,Spit out bitter water。The project they are responsible for,I have been busy for more than two months,When the contract is about to be successful,Someone from the company picks peaches。
therefore,The bonus for this project is gone。
“You just messed up with Lao Hu!”Xiaohui is also angry,Very upset about my husband’s company。
Although Zhang Yihua had this idea,But later denied,No matter how good brother,Once you start a business together,There will be some conflicts in the future,He didn’t want to see。
In addition,Not his hypocritical,I really don’t want to be my brother’s subordinate。
“Our boss wants to make us quit。”Zhang Yihua did not respond to his future wife’s words。
Xiaohui sighed,Did not continue the topic just now,Man!There is always a naive self-esteem that needs to be maintained。
Chapter Eighty One Stone eye
The night in the countryside is a bit boring,No hustle and bustle,It’s only about ten o’clock,Many villagers have fallen asleep。
Hu Yang, they are here for the first time,So Brother Song has some other shows,Take Populus and them to the river to take pictures of fish,It means that the fish at night is very easy to catch,Just shine with a flashlight,Just like a dumb fish。
Sure enough,Less than two minutes,They caught a lot of fish and shrimp,I made a pot of fresh river porridge at night for supper。
the next day,Brother Song took Hu Yang and the others to the town to find the master。
Teacher Fu Surnamed Feng,Sixty-nine this year,But his hands and feet are still very fast,Carving things are still very stable。It is said that,His ancestral home in Yangzhou,Ancestors have been sculpting for generations。