Qin Feng, who was kicked out of the gate, casually came to the flower bed under a building and sat down。

In fact, although this is a commercial city,But there will be many unemployed people。What to do if I lose my job in the United States?Get relief!Like now,Qin Feng just sat down,Then I found a man sitting next to him holding a pile of instant noodles。
“What are you looking at,Haven’t you seen any relief??”
Qin Feng didn’t despise anyone,The issue is,Some people have strong self-esteem these days。Just to be looked at,The latter can help you fill up all the despised plots。You have to admire such a huge brain,Even persecuted delusions。
“Brotherdie,I just passed by and sat down to rest。You don’t have to hate me?”
“Ha ha,Those of you who just graduated went abroad to study,Do you really think that the United States is so good??Did you just apply for the job and was rejected?This is the tenth time you have failed the interview, right??Do you have money to eat?Need me to divide you up with instant noodles?”
Qin Feng didn’t know where the sloppy relief man in front of him came from.。I just borrowed place
Sit down and rest,Do you need such a big response??
“Don’t look at me like that。let me tell you,I think I also graduated with a Ph.D.,But I found out after I came out,It’s too hard to find a job。How can i say,Also a doctoral student studying drugs。But ah,What you have to admit is,Even a PhD student,It’s still hard to find a job here。”Unemployed man feels depressed。
Looking at this person, it seems that I just want to find someone to talk to,Qin Feng naturally didn’t blame this stuff anymore。
After all, poor people must have something to hate。This person in front of you is so hateful,After all, it’s just a poor person。
“Ugh,I’ll give it to you if you want to work。I’m in Doudou City by the company!”Qin Feng think,Since encountering is fate,It should be okay to help。
Unfortunately,Unemployed men don’t appreciate,“Yo,You still invite me?Do you know my salary?I won’t agree if the starting salary is less than one million。and also,Research drugs need funding,I can be famous by then,And you as the boss,Naturally get a large return on capital。This is the profit created by cooperation!Unfortunately,you are the same with me,Just an unemployed man。”
The doctoral student looked disdainful,I don’t know why this guy likes to mock people。
“Forget it,I still go!”Qin Feng is ready to bugger,I don’t think I have a common topic with this one,I don’t even have the idea to help him。
This guy doesn’t recognize himself,And this kind of person,It’s better to have less contact。Otherwise, Qin Feng felt that he might not help but beat him up。
“Ugh,Can I only inherit the family property when I go home?Although I am a member of the Rothschild family。But I should be considered the most unsuccessful?”Unemployed men helpless。
Hear this,Qin Feng stopped,Turned to look at the man in front of you。